No matter where you’re from, a specific food probably comes to mind when you think of your city. Wherever you go, there will be a certain vibe or taste a city is known for. Here are 21 cities and their respective foods. Eat up!

1. Los Angeles – Açaí Bowl

Photo by Shannon Peters

Every West Coaster has probably experienced the amazing açaí bowl. Although many are still confused on whether it is a smoothie or a parfait, this is a staple for L.A.

2. Boston – Clam Chowder

Photo by Palua Markez

Every New England native is familiar with this famous dish. As a city surrounded by water, no restaurant is complete without “chowdah” on its menu.

3. New York City – Cronuts

Photo courtesy of Dominique Ansel Bakery

The perfect combination ever invented and it originated right here in NYC. Although you may have to wait in the never-ending lines to get this treat, it is definitely worth it.

4. Portland – Lobster Rolls

Photo courtesy of @daniellekroeger on Instagram

You can never have too much lobster. Maine is famous for more than its lobster roll, but if we’re being honest, this dish is the best.

5. San Francisco – Sushi Burrito

Photo by Tamara Mekler

If you’re a sushi fanatic, San Francisco should be your next stop. The home of many trends, this sushi burrito satisfies the stomachs of all Bay Area locals.

6.  Denver – Edibles

Photo courtesy of

Do I really need to explain this one? Edibles are all the rage and they’re not going anywhere.

7. Seattle – Starbucks Coffee

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The city of Seattle attracts many tourists and locals to the first ever Starbucks shop, where they can enjoy a morning coffee or sight seeing at one of America’s famous coffee shops.

8. Baltimore – Crab Cake

Photo by Alex Vu

They aren’t called Maryland crab cakes for nothing. Football, crab cakes and Natty Boh – that’s what Maryland does.

9. Chicago – Deep Dish Pizza

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Once you go deep dish, you never go back.

10. Dallas – Barbecue anything

Photo Courtesy of

If your’e a ribs fan or just anything barbecue, you’ve come to the right place. Texas is home to some of the best barbecue in the country so don’t be afraid to get you’re hands messy.

11. Atlanta – Chicken and Waffles

Photo by Charlotte Mabry

This southern specialty brings Atlanta natives together for one savory-sweet experience.

12. Washington D.C. – Cupcakes

Photo by Erin Thomas

Home to the famous Georgetown Cupcakes, this brand has branched out to other cities, but DC will always be its home. The city also has several other delicious cupcake shops that are sure to please.

13. Miami – Cocktails

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It’s not a surprise that the city famous for its nightlife and spring breaks can be summed up in an alcoholic drink.

14. Charleston – Shrimp and Grits

Photo courtesy of @82queenchas on Instagram

This southern staple might be found in cities everywhere below the Mason-Dixon line, but since Charleston’s neighbor is the Atlantic ocean, it has some of the freshest shrimp.

15. New Orleans – Beignets

Photo by Sarah Yanofsky

Because Mardi Gras isn’t the only thing New Orleans is famous for.

16. Phoenix – Tacos

Photo by Jessica Citronberg

With Mexico as its neighbor, the city of Phoenix has some of the best Mexican food in all of Arizona.

17. Philadelphia – Cheesesteaks

Photo courtesy of @braydensmith_tu on Instagram

This one is a no brainer, but the city knows how to spice up their famous food to keep the natives entertained.

18. Charlotte – Pimento Cheese

Photo courtesy of

If you’re from the north, you may have never even of heard of this cheese, but to North Carolina’s residents, this cheese is everything. You can technically find this in cities across the south but North Carolina claims it.

19. Key West – Key Lime Pie

Photo by Susan Bean

Yes, I’m mentioning two cities in Florida, but this one you can’t skip. Ever wonder where the “Key” came from? Now you know.

20. Buffalo – Wings

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Buffalo might not be the most interesting of cities, but it does bring to mind the undeniably delicious buffalo wing. What most people don’t know about wings is the multitude of flavors they come in, so even the pickiest of eaters will find a kind they like.

21. St. Louis – Toasted Ravioli

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Some may argue that St. Louis pizza is the native food, but toasted ravioli was born and bred in this city, making it the winner of this feud.