Ina Garten seems to be showing up everywhere lately–in memes on Tumblr, in the popular section on Netflix, and somewhere in the back of everyone’s mind. Her denim button-ups and disdain for store-bought goods are widely recognizable, but how much do you know about her beyond that? Take the quiz to find out.

  1. Ina's culinary career started when she opened a:

  2. What is Jeffrey's profession? (If you Google it, you fail.)

  3. Did you know that the entire first season of Barefoot Contessa: Back to Basics is on Netflix?

  4. Which Broadway star made a cocktail for Ina on an episode of Barefoot in LA?

  5. What is Ina's favorite flower?

  6. A few years ago, Ina faced some backlash for:

  7. Fill in the blank: "____________ is fine."

  8. Choose Ina's pronunciation of "provencal":

  9. Ina's favorite tip about hosting parties is:

  10. Ina has filmed an episode in all of the following locations except:

  11. Ina was born in:

  12. The name "Barefoot Contessa" comes from: