There’s beauty in simplicity, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little help. These five grill gadgets are tools I personally have never heard of before this, but I’ve got to hand it to their inventors—these fancy gizmos are pretty creative and may enhance your grilling experience.

1. Meat Marker

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Photo courtesy of Think Geek

Branding isn’t just for livestock anymore *emphasis on the live* (Too far? Sorry). This literal branding iron allows you to stamp cuts of meat, tofu or veggie burger on the grill with personal messages, so everyone knows whose food is whose.

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That’s the actual name, I didn’t make this one up. Just insert the iGrill thermometer probe into the food you want to monitor, download the free app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and track the temperature through a Bluetooth connection.

3. Meat Humidifier

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Photo courtesy of The Companion Group

But seriously. Fill these containers with water, beer or whatever other liquid you want and the steam will tenderize, moisturize and flavor the meat as it cooks.

4. Curling iron grill lighter

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Photo courtesy of flickr user Garrett Wade

This Looftlighter is an electric tool that ignites charcoal briquettes or wood in 60 seconds by shooting super-heated air, without the use of gas or lighter fluid. Plus, it has a built-in bottle opener and looks like a curling iron, so that’s kind of fun.

5. Grill Dyson

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Photo courtesy of Wind and Weather

I call this electronic rotating grill brush the “Grill Dyson” because it looks like a miniature version of those heavy-duty, $400 vacuum cleaners… but for your grill. This device features brass bristles that spin with the push of a button, as well as a scraper, to ensure that every last bit of your grill is spotless once you’re through using it.