Whenever I think about the day I decided to make that decision and join Weight Watchers, I feel proud I took that step. I became a member in August 2017, I felt pretty excited and nervous at the same time. My mother is the one who pushed both of us into joining. Our previous Zumba instructor lost over 50 lbs with Weight Watchers, clearly, this inspired both of us to join. I really didn't think much when we first joined but with high hopes, that Weight Watchers would be the program to lose weight. But then they introduced Freestyle... and it's EVERYTHING!

Weight Watchers - Introducing Freestyle

In December 2017, Weight Watchers rolled out a new program called "Freestyle" and it's everything you ever wished for. With Freestyle, more food options became zero points, which gives us more liberty to eat of what we enjoy and normally have. Now with Freestyle, I can enjoy eating more chicken, beans, and tofu more often because now its worth zero points. This was huge news for me because I can basically eat more of what I love, and not have to count points anymore for them. Before I had to be aware of how the portion sizes were and now I don't have too. Too bad, rice doesn't count as zero-point because I love rice and it's hard not to consume it but I've been trying to cut down and replacing it with cauliflower rice.

Maintaining Your Smart Points 

 According to the science behind Weight Watchers, if you maintain within your smart points you will lose weight. Each person has specific smart points that they can use each day. Weight Watchers determines your smart point based on your age, weight, height, and sex. Based on my experience so far, the amount of smart points given to me is fair and feel good about it. Although, I do go over sometimes, cause I just love food way too much. However, Weight Watchers gives you the freedom to eat whatever you desire. Seriously, I’m not kidding. You can eat bread, spaghetti, burgers, anything with carbs - but with moderation, of course.

Thank goodness for the internet, you can find multiple sites that you can search for Weight Watchers based recipes. You can filter your options to points, food preference, cook time, etc. 

Now, what you have been waiting for....drum roll, please!

Zero Point Foods That Are Integrated With Freestyle

Skinless chicken breast, beans, lentils, eggs (yes, including the yolk too), fish, tofu, mostly all vegetables excluding the starchy ones like potatoes, skinless turkey breast, fruit, and nonfat unsweetened yogurt.

These are all the zero point foods that Weight Watchers offers. 

Weight Watchers teaches you about compromise and making healthier food choices. As I mentioned, switch from regular white and brown rice to cauliflower rice. Also, whenever you want to have a sandwich, switch the bread for a lettuce wrap or a thickly sliced vegetable such a cucumber for a delicious crunch. Be creative. Its all up to you to make those changes for a better healthier lifestyle. Happy eating - guilt free!

#SpoonTip: On the Weight Watchers app, if you scroll all the way to the bottom, look for Discover Recipes. You can find recipes with options for quick and easy meals, cooking for one-person, low smart points, family-friendly meals, options for vegetarians or carb lovers. You choose your preference.