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Panera’s New Secret Menu Released

Panera Bread just got even better. Following Starbucks’ lead in creating a specialty drink menu that seems to be still unknown to the general public, Panera now has a couple extra options that must be asked for upon request. For you lucky ones reading this article, you now have access to succulent, fresh and elite meal choices that most of the world has yet to hear about. Its secret “Power” menu consists of both breakfast and lunch foods, and they all contain healthy ingredients, such as chicken, turkey, egg whites and veggies. One dish comes as a lettuce wrap…but I won’t spill the rest. Go ahead and see for yourself!

Sunday Morning Damage: Bagels and Lox Recalled

Bimbo Bakeries, a bagel company that distributes bagels to companies like Publix, Thomas, Sara Lee and Weight Watchers, has had a huge recall due to metal fragments found within bread dough. Steer clear of these manufactured bagels with a sell by date between January 18 and January 27. Unfortunately the other item from the dynamic duo has also been eliminated in local markets: lox. Lox may be linked to listeria traces, so Whole Foods has recalled its lox brands that have been proven guilty. Make sure to speak to an employee upon purchasing lox, and if the package is 4oz and gold and black, avoid it.

Weekly News Roundup 2/10/13

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Ben and Jerry’s Latest Creation

Ben and Jerry’s has brought us another mouth-watering, rich indulgence: “30 Rock” inspired Liz Lemon Greek Yogurt. With a base of lemon flavored Greek yogurt, accompanied by a smooth swirl of lavender and blueberry, this new late night treat has the perfect balance of tart and sweet to satisfy any craving. Since Greek yogurt is high in probiotics and acts as a healthier alternative to standard ice cream, you can grab half a cup without any regret.

Wine Can Go Bad: Ways To Avoid Waste

It’s common to mindlessly store a half-consumed bottle of wine in the fridge, but do we really know how long the opened bottle will last? The general rule has been disclosed: dry white wines hold up for two days inside a fridge, and red wines max out at three. While consumption after several days will not cause a bodily reaction similar to spoiled milk, the quality will not be up to par, and it’s definitely worth it to buy another bottle. To best avoid waste, drink wine immediately upon purchasing; however, if you are planning on saving a bottle for a later date, store in the fridge (both red and white) to prevent oxidation that can occur in a warmer, room temperature. Just remember to take the bottle of red out for a bit before you’re ready to open it, for red wine is best served cool, not cold.

Weekly News Roundup 2/10/13

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Master Recipes With Foodpairing App

Foodpairing is the newest cooking tool that inspires original recipes and is being used by chefs, bartenders and other culinary masters worldwide. Foodpairing uses a scientific foundation to target which combinations of food and drink nicely complement the taste palate. Ingredients are organized in a Foodpairing tree, with stems highlighting possible pairings that range from herbs and spices to flowers and plants. As the products become closer in proximity to the key ingredient at the core of the tree, the better scientific reading they receive for a flavorful addition. So far over 1,000 trees have been created, and there’s probably more to come. So, hit up Foodpairing when you want to create a new recipe or snack or add fill in the missing link to a menu option. Foodpairing is free of charge and easy to use.

Garlic’s Newest Enemy: Milk

Just in time for Valentine’s Day…studies reveal that you can avoid long-lasting garlic breath as long as you drink milk after dinner. While best results occur when milk is consumed during the meal, you don’t need to give up that glass of wine for your romantic evening. A glass of milk post-meal will still do wonders, and researchers recommend whole or 2% milk because of the thicker consistency. Garlic, which is filled with nutrients like magnesium, vitamin B6 and C, adds a kick to any side dish and can finally be your friend, even on a date.

Weekly News Roundup 2/10/13

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Omega-3 Rich Beef Soon to Come

Give a big thanks to Kansas State University; a new development in adding heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, proven to reduce bad cholesterol and blood pressure levels, has been discovered. While the first appearance of these new-and-improved ground beef patties will show mid-February in Buffalo, NY, the release of these enriched patties worldwide will expand throughout the year.

Weekly News Roundup 2/10/13

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Youngest Female Billionaire in America Announced

The owner of West coast’s In-N-Out burger chain, Lynsi Torres, has been given half this company’s trust at a value of $1.1 billion dollars. In five years, she will be granted the entire company. We knew you kicked butt on the racetracks, but you’re certainly making a name for yourself in the business field.