If you’re someone who lives in Victoria, you may have noticed that when Wednesday night rolls around you’re often left wondering what to do. The nightlife in Victoria on a Wednesday isn’t exactly what my mom might call “happening” and the lack of activities going on is noticeable. Looking to break the cycle of endless uneventful Wednesday nights; I decided to do some sleuthing to figure out how to spend a Wednesday night in Victoria.

My search turned up a few different things, however one caught my eye more than the others. Girl’s night at Yates St. Taphouse: $6 martinis and $5 glasses of wine. Sign me up. After rounding up some equally as intrigued friends, we were on our way to Yates St. in search of some drinks.

Katie Davidson

If you’ve ever been to Yates St. Taphouse you probably know that it’s a place with an inviting atmosphere and an all around good vibe . It was no different tonight and we quickly got to order our drinks. One of my friends and I decided to dive in and try the house cosmopolitan, a blend of vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and lime. The other decided to try the green apple martini, made with vanilla vodka, sour apple liqueur, apple juice, lime, and cinnamon. If cosmos and green apple martinis aren’t really your thing, there’s several other options to choose from, all sounding equally as delicious.

Katie Davidson

It’s safe to say that both martinis were amazing and at only $6 each, grabbing seconds is an easy choice. Good drinks are often accompanied by good food and If you’re feeling a bit hungry and aren’t in the mood to just fill up on alcohol, Yates St. Taphouse also offers some pretty sweet deals on food as well. With $7 and $9 appies everyday from 3pm-6pm, and a 5 for $15 daily dinner menu served from 5pm-9pm, it’s easy to find something to pair with your drinks.

There's more to life than martinis

Feeling kind of hungry, we decide to examine  the food menu to take a look at some appies. The chili crusted calamari looked tasty and with it being mere minutes until 6pm, it miraculously ended up being $9 instead of $12. Yay for deals on food.   
Katie Davidson

The whole night out ended up being a super chill time and I would definitely go back for another Wednesday night, next time probably ordering even more martinis and food. So next time Wednesday night rolls around and you find yourself stuck at home with nothing to do, consider grabbing some of your closest friends and heading down to Yates St. Taphouse for some good drinks and good food.