You know the feeling all too well. The headache creeps in, then your stomach starts flopping, and maybe the room is still spinning from last night. Hangovers are the worst! And amidst the regret from that last shot is the nagging need for a greasy sandwich, some coffee and some kind of hydration. Enter The Press Shop's Hangover Kit.

When most people are hungover, they have a go-to. Whether it's diet coke (as a friend of mine liked in college), greasy food (as everyone likes always) or trying to boost your electrolyte and water intake, everyone has something that makes them feel better. So Press Shop thought of the best elements to combat hangovers and brought them all together in a convenient and crave-able doggy bag.

Ashley Steinberg

What is the Press Shop?

The Press shop is located in NoHo and is home to some of the best- yet, somehow, underrated- sandwiches in the city. The eats channel the childhood memories of founder, Ollie Ressler, transforming them into hearty, comfort faves that will keep you coming back. Think options like Little Havana (Ham, provolone, housemade pickles, mojo and whole grain mustard), a classic ham sammy taken to the next level.

And bonus for vegetarians, they have a ton of veggie friendly options, like I Am (roasted cauliflower, yam, cashew cheese and arugula) and the Treehugger (portobello mushrooms, veggies, herbed goat cheese and arugula), even offering the chance to create your own sandwich from several options.

Ashley Steinberg

Now, what's in the Hangover Kit?

Combining all the best post-drinking fuel sources, the Hangover Kit thinks of everything. They offer your choice of a breakfast burrito or a BEC made on the thickest sliced challah- we're talking french toast variety, people!

The burrito includes bacon, home fries, scrambled eggs, chipotle mayo and hot sauce. The BEC likewise has bacon and egg, but is served with more simple ingredients and on your choice of challah or whole grain bread- we recommend the challah because if you're curing a hangover with carbs, might as well go all out.

Ashley Steinberg

With those delectably perfect combinations of carb and protein comes cold brew coffee, sparkling water and a double pack of Emergen-C to triple team the electrolyte build-up. The only thing that might make this more perfect could be the addition of some chips as a side, but it'd be worth a splurge to add them yourself.

The love you'll have for this savior is something unlike you've ever felt before. Do you have a best friend? Because you might want to tell them they've been replaced. And if you're a regular drinker, this may become your go-to hangover ritual. But even if you're not hungover, this place's comfort food will probably be calling to you sometime soon.