From Friendsgiving to holiday parties, pumpkin pie is always a staple. But, as college students, we often don't have enough time to eat proper meals, let alone bake a pumpkin pie from scratch. Although Spoon UCI loves the extraordinary pies from The Pie Hole, it is not the most economical or readily available pie. So, we ranked the best pumpkin pies from five of your favorite grocery stores to see which is the best to bring to the party. 

We judged by crust, aesthetic, taste of the filling, and overall experience to find the best pumpkin pie. Here are the results.

4. Walmart

Darin Lum

This Walmart pie looks acceptable, but don't let its appearance deceive you. The crust was a little hard to cut and tasted like a bit like cardboard. The filling was OK—the pie had an overpowering cinnamon flavor. 

3. Target

Darin Lum

The Target pie was easier to cut and the crust was better than Walmart, but not as flaky. The filling had a strong pumpkin flavor, but also had some citrusy notes. Some said if you didn't know it was pumpkin pie, it would be a solid dessert option. Otherwise, it was just alright. 

2. Trader Joe's

Darin Lum

Of course, Trader Joe's never disappoints. Their pie is beautiful, perfect to take to any gathering. The crust was a bit soft, making the pumpkin pie seem more like a tart. However, it still was our second favorite. 

1. Costco

Darin Lum

Naturally, Costco's pumpkin pie is 4X bigger than any other store's, but its size was not the only redeeming factor. The crust was perfectly firm and did not fall off when we cut into it. The filling was completely smooth and creamy. Even though we were sick of tasting pies, everyone had a second slice of the Costco pie. It was the best pumpkin pie overall. 

Whether you're celebrating a holiday or just in the mood for dessert, pumpkin pie is a great addition to your table. You definitely do not have to make your own. Take our advice and buy the best pumpkin pies on the market.