There's a few things that have been really upsetting me about "The Bachelorette" recently. Beyond sending Deanie babies home, I can't stop thinking about how there is no real eating involved on any of the dates. (And tbh, I'd rather listen to the contestants eat than Bryan kiss.) Thankfully, Dean is coming back for "Bachelor in Paradise," but more importantly, we found out all that food isn't going to waste because of one producer's tweet.

Here's the dish on who might be eating all that food from the one-on-ones.

The Tweet in Question

Elan Gale tweeted this confession last night during the Fantasy Suite episode, and, honestly, it might actually be legit. Gale is a producer for "The Bachelor," "The Bachelorette," and "Bachelor in Paradise," and he has been known for his close connection with the cast. I mean, he did yoga with the twins, so he's def a star in his own right. 

Is This Real? 

I am a little suspicious because his Twitter is a total lol. Gale has been known to tweet some crazy stuff, and, in response to the initial tweet, he added that he also "bathe[d] in the wine" leftover from dates.

No matter whether this tweet is true, Twitter is dying at the potential implications of this new information. 

Please someone hire me for this job. 


Honestly not a bad idea for a cheap date. 

In all seriousness, I want to believe that Elan Gale ain't lying about this. Fans have been wondering what happens to the food on "The Bachelorette" and "The Bachelor" for a while, and it's often a hot topic up for debate. Sure, we could always assume it's eaten by the crew at the end of the night, but it would be pretty great to put a real name and face to the job. Honestly, if it really is Gale downing the leftovers, he deserves it for creating some entertaining af television gold.