It's Thanksgiving! That means eating as much as you possibly can...and a little extra! It means spending time with your family and friends while also recalling what you're grateful for on this special day. Your Thanksgiving also may include watching the countless Thanksgiving-themed Friends episodes. You also may be struggling with what food you need to make sure to eat on Thanksgiving, because there are so many choices for you! Well don't worry, I have made list of foods you need to make sure to grab based on your favorite Friends character, because what's a better way to get into the Thanksgiving festivities!

If Your Favorite Friends Character is Rachel..

Have some macaroni and cheese!

A true classic, who doesn't love macaroni and cheese...or Rachel Green? Macaroni and cheese is a crowd-pleaser, people of all ages make sure to grab a bite! Just like Rachel, a good homemade macaroni and cheese is born to be in the spotlight, so get it before it's gone!

If Your Favorite Friends Character is Monica...

Have some turkey!

Having a well-made turkey can be difficult, because one second too long in the oven or the fryer can mean it will be dry beyond recovery. However, when a turkey is cooked just right, you just can't beat it! Monica, being the amazing chef she is, would make sure that your turkey is perfect. She is one bold woman, and her being your favorite character must mean you are pretty bold too!, which means you should definitely grab the boldest dish on the table: the turkey!

If Your Favorite Friends Character is Joey...

Eat some pumpkin pie!

Sure, pumpkin pie is a dessert, but it is essential to a proper Thanksgiving. Joey perfectly embodies pumpkin pie, because he is such a sweetheart!  Also, everyone loves pumpkin pie and everyone loves Joey! Make sure you get a slice because it'll go quick! 

If Your Favorite Friends Character is Chandler...

Have some mashed potatoes with gravy!

Chandler Bing is arguably the funniest character in Friends, hands down. That being said, if he's your favorite character, you deserve to chow down on one of the most fun foods on the table: mashed potatoes! Mold it into any shape you want, or make a cool mashed potato volcano, complete with gravy, because we know Chandler would! 

If Your Favorite Friends Character is Phoebe...

Have some cranberry sauce!

Phoebe is a little...quirky, to say the least. She's unconventional and does what she wants, kinda like cranberry sauce! Sure, it may not be the first thing you go for, but its "sweet and sour" persona really encapsulates everything that Phoebe is. And, not to mention, you can add cranberry sauce to almost any other dish to make it extra delicious, just like how Phoebe can enter any party to make it more exciting! 

And If Your Favorite Friends Character is Ross...

Please, make yourself a moist-maker!

Sure, this isn't a dish that many Thanksgiving feasts include, it's a leftover dish, after all! We all know Ross loves his moist-maker (a sandwich with leftover turkey and a gravy-soaked piece of bread in the middle), maybe even a little too much. But in spirit of the tragic tale of Ross' moist-maker, make yourself one and enjoy it! And do NOT let anyone take a bite and then throw it away!