Here at Colorado College, the election has been on everyone's mind for months. Tuesday was met with much anticipation. In an effort to offer some relief to friends, our Spoon chapter hosted a pie contest. It was pretty freakin' awesome.

How It Worked

pie, pastry, tart, sweet, crust, cake, blueberry pie, dough
Julia Gilman

To participate in the contest, we asked students to bake any pie of their choice and bring it in for a tasting the day after election day. The winner of the contest would get a gift card to a local restaurant (plus bragging rights, of course).

That's not to say that other bakers won nothing. All participants got to taste each pie, which is a win in and of itself. Anyone else who did not bake was welcome to taste pies for an entry fee.

The turnout was strong: 8 pies, 30 people, and a whole lot of happy bellies. Pies included mocha s'more, apple, chocolate pecan, chocolate chip cookie, and a variety of berry pies. Of course, we wouldn't forget the vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.

The Winner

cake, pie, crumble
Samantha Aronson

The winner of this marvelous contest baked a triple berry pie with a crumble topping. The warm berry filling accompanied by the buttery, brown sugar crumble was nothing less than heaven in your mouth. A little vanilla ice cream didn't hurt either. While all of the pies were truly outstanding, this triple berry pie made a statement. 


pie, cream, cake, sweet, pastry, meringue, chocolate
Julia Gilman

To tell the truth, the majority of people at the contest were not celebrating. But after a hard day, eating pie was a solid temporary fix. For most of us here at CC, the election hurt and will hurt for a very long time. Instead of sitting in solitude, we came together. We ate delicious pie and talked. It reminded us all that there is always good out there, even when it doesn't quite seem like it.