Leaving JMU will undoubtedly be a tough transition for graduating seniors. However, what will be harder is separating from the food. Let’s be real. Friendships are forever but buffalo mash isn’t for those who are leaving. We decided to take to the streets and find out what seniors would miss the most from JMU dining.


Photo by Paige Stickevers

“The topic iself will prob be what will make me most emotional about graduating.”

“D-Hall bread pudding. Hands down. Also Duke’s chicken fingers. Oh and curly fries. And pesto mayo from Cheese Please. OMG don’t make me leave, I’m gonna starve.”

“Ms. Green’s, for sure.”

“Veggie burgers from SSC, quinoa bowls, Market salads, vegan chicken nuggets from E-Hall, idk her name but the woman with the stoma at E-Hall. Mainly just the fact that they still find a way to feed you even when you don’t eat the majority of food groups. #godukesgofood.”


Photo courtesy of @jmudining on Instagram

“Is the sandwiches/sandwich lady from Festival too lame of an answer? I really love the sliced pickles and they are the sweetest employees on campus.”

“E-Hall brunch.”

“Cheesy Thursday at Top Dog.”


“D-Hall. The excitement of blindly walking in and not knowing what’s on the menu, the creativity of the food options, the experience of walking into that beautiful, rounded building to eat anything and everything my heart desires and staying for hours at a time.”


Photo by Jake Toth

“I’ll miss the ‘old’ D-Hall and buffalo mash.”

“Peanut butter pie from D-Hall and BBQ Bites from Dukes and the older, sandwich lady at D-Hall. I think her name is Flo.”

“The lady at D-Hall near the Chik-Fil-A entrance. And Betty.”

“Mrs. Green’s cornbread and everything from Festival.”

“I’m gonna go with the obvious. Buffalo mash. The thrill when you hear through the grapevine that fine dish is being made, you change all your plans to be able to make it, and you walk through those doors, looking slightly left to the bistro section, and see those bowls under the beautiful heat lamps in all their glory. They literally glow under those lamps, like the bowls of heaven they are.”


Photo by Paige Stickevers

“Market One’s Burger Studio breakfast. It’s the most slept on place on campus.”

“I’m gonna miss underclassmen punching for me.”

“I’m gonna miss the really nice older lady cashier in SSC even though she’s gotten my order wrong twice.”

“Peanut butter pie and any of the different ice creams from E-Hall.”



Photo by Jake Toth

“Deena at Market is the real MVP.”

“Peanut butter pie, buff mash, crushing PBR’s in D-Hall, shitting my brains out after D-Hall.”

“Grilled Cheese Thursday’s.”

“The vending machine in Harrison.”

“I have been crushing the Starbucks truck this semester when I’m hungover. It’s a life saver.”

“I’ll miss the people, including but not limited to: Carroll from Sliders in Dukes, Wilma (formerly of E-Hall) of the SSC Dunkin, and who can forget, my one true love, bae Steven from D-Hall.”