As home to Ole Miss and one of the top 10 small college towns in America, Oxford, Mississippi is full of southern charm. It offers tons of opportunities for good food and a good time, especially for those looking to woo that special someone. We asked 8 girls what their ideal date in this cultural hub would be, and why. Here are their answers:

1. Premier Lanes and Oxford Grillehouse

For a fun, lighthearted evening Premier Lanes bowling alley is the perfect destination. Because who doesn't enjoy a little friendly (or should I say, a little flirty) competition? Loser picks up the tab at the Oxford Grillehouse, a casual meets fine-dining experience with succulent steaks and seafood.

2. A Breakfast Date with Bottomless Mimosas

Think a dinner date is too basic? Why not enjoy each other's company during the most important meal of the day? With a lot less pressure to get all snazzy like you're going out for a night on the town, a breakfast date complete with two nice, cold mimosas is the sure way to go. Rafters and Bacchus On The Square are perf options.

3. Picnic at Rowan Oak

Rowan Oak is more than just a backdrop for a hip Insta photo. As the former home of beloved Mississippian author William Faulkner, Rowan Oak is a special place to anyone who loves not only the town of Oxford, but the entire state of Mississippi. Gorgeous scenery and fresh green grass makes the perfect picnic spot for literary lovers.

4. Hibachi at Kabuki

Get ready to be thoroughly entertained and eat some tasty Japanese cuisine during a hibachi dinner at Kabuki. This off-the-Square gem is popular for those who love to watch their feast prepared before them. Take a date and impress her with how much food you can catch in your mouth when the chef tosses it.

5. Soulshine Pizza Factory

With tons of decadent selections and a laidback atmosphere, Soulshine is perfect for any pizza-loving pair. Feel free to chow down individually, or engage in some healthy compromise and split a larger pie. And yes, there are salads for those shy first dates.

6. Dinner at Old Venice, Fro-yo at YaYa's and a Stroll Around the Square

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Hannah Summers

Name a more iconic duo than pasta and fro-yo. Not only can the delicious Italian cuisine at Old Venice gift you with the perfect chance for a "Lady and the Tramp" noodle kiss, but meandering around town with a nice cup of frozen yogurt will definitely set the mood right.

7. Dinner at the Ravine and Drinks on the Boure Balcony

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John Diehl

The Ravine's contemporary Southern menu provides for good food, while the romantic vibe of the restaurant assures a good time. Not only is the balcony of Boure a great place to get bomb drinks, but it offers an awesome view of Oxford's historic downtown square.

8. Friday Night SEC Baseball Game and Marble Slab

A date night surrounded by Ole Miss baseball can be a great way for two sports fanatics to talk, bond and cheer on the Rebs. Plus, home SEC games are often followed by a firework show, making the evening even more spectacular. And who doesn't love a nice scoop of ice cream to top the night off

If you're looking for some quality time with your significant other, look no further than these awesome date ideas. Whether you're into chowing down on great food, the romantic ambiance of fine dining or sports, Oxford can offer the perfect date night for any couple.