Pop-up shops have turned into the foodie experience of 2018. Aside from the enviable photo opportunities, these mini-museums provide the unique experience of learning about food in innovative and creative ways! From wine to candy to eggs, here are the interactive experiences that you need to put on your radar in Summer 2018.

1. Rosé Wine Mansion // July to October // NYC

Can you say pink? The Rosé Wine Mansion, Manhattan's newest interactive expo, puts a whole new spin on "Wine Wednesday". Open through the summer, the exhibit takes you on a journey through the history of the beverage and definitely gives the average museum a run for its money. Sip on the rosy stuff while you make your way through countless blush-hued exhibits even an embarrassed flamingo would be jealous of. 

2. The Museum of Pizza // October // NYC

Mamma mia! East Coasters can hardly wait for this exhibition that is dedicated to, well, pizza everything. While the museum is not open for biz yet, displays like the "pizza beach" and "pizza cave" should sound quite promising to any fans of a New York dollar slice.

3. The Egg House // NYC

There are far too many bad (or rotten) egg puns I could put here, but I'll refrain. The Egg House has quickly become a social media sensation after receiving buzz in major outlets like the New York Times and Food & Wine. Modeled like an actual home, complete with a "yolk"-filled indoor ball pit and eggshell swings, it's easy to see why this museum has local 'grammers so egg-static (OK, last one, promise).

4. The Museum of Ice Cream // NYC, San Francisco

I scream, you scream, we all get the gist. The Museum of Ice Cream seemingly blew up the internet last summer with visions of sprinkle-filled pools and whipped cream walls. This year, they've expanded on their success by opening up more location and launching The Pint Shop, an ice cream brand sold at Target. The cherry on top of this exhibit? The tasting room! Go eat and be happy.

5. Saved By The Max // Chicago, Hollywood

This is too rad. Travel back to Bayside High with this totally 90's, primary-colored recreation of The Max, the iconic after-school hot spot from "Saved By The Bell". Complete with nostalgic menu items like burgers and milkshakes, television junkies and 90's babies alike are sure to go absolutely bonkers over this hidden gem of a pop-up.

6. Candytopia // August (NYC), September (San Francisco)

As Aaron Carter put it best, "[we] want caaaaandy". Open to all ages, Candytopia is set to launch on both coasts within a matter of weeks. Each room is jam-packed with sickly-sweet, rainbow-splattered photo ops, including a marshmallow pool and a twisting gummy worm floor. Basically, you're going to leave this place with a major cavity.