At some point in most peoples lives they live in a cramped apartment with an incredibly small kitchen. Even in those small kitchens you still need food, supplies, and cooking utensils.  And when you have that much stuff in a little kitchen, you gotta get creative. Don't let the dead space be wasted.

Make use of that wall space

When you have a kitchen so small you barely fit, you need to find space besides the floor. Adding shelves to the wall is a great way to place your most used items (or the plates that you don't use, because who wants to do the dishes?). It's also a great way to display some of the cute items that you have in your kitchen anyway. This allows you to make your mark in your kitchen and easy access to your favorite ingredients.

Add creative storage to the cupboard door

Using the inside of the cupboard door is a fun way to add hidden storage. Use a magazine or folder rack to store your boxes of foil or wax paper or to store cutting boards so they aren't being thrown around.  

There are so many shelves and hangers you can build on the inside of your cabinets to store items and save space.

Hang things under the cabinets

By utilizing the dead space on the wall under your cabinets you can save counter space. In a small kitchen, you need every inch of counter space you can get. Hang baskets like the ones above for your produce and add hangers for coffee mugs or utensils. 

Hidden storage

This hidden counter space might take a little more skill than some of the other ideas above, but it's still pretty cool. In most small kitchens the counter space is usually very limited, but with this hidden drawer you can add counter space when you need it.

Hidden storage is key when you have a small kitchen. Be sure to use every inch you can of the dead space and to minimize clutter, or use these additional kitchen hacks for your dorm