We all know water is your body’s favorite drink, so it’s important to drink plenty of it. Water makes up two-thirds of your body, and drinking cold or room temperature water has different effects on your body. If you’re like us, you’re probably tired of reading conflicting advice on the web about what temperature water is healthiest.

The answer? It depends. Yeah, not the easy answer you were looking for.

Drink cold water to lose weight and cool down


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Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! When we work out, our body temperature goes up, and drinking cold water helps regulate your core temperature. According to Livestrong, drinking 8 cups of cold water could help you burn 64 calories (which is equal to 5 to 15 minutes of exercise). Drinking more water helps you feel full so you won’t snack as much.

Drink room temperature water for digestion, detox, and pain relief


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When you drink cold water, your blood vessels shrink, and this restricts your digestion. Warm water helps break down food, aids constipation, and even helps you lose weight while improving your blood circulation.

Room temperature can even help stop pains like a headache, which makes it a better alternative than Tylenol. Did it just hit you that you’re getting older? No worries, warmer water helps you look rejuvenated and young.


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Yes, really! So, it’s not that cold water is bad for you or better for you. Different water temperatures help your body in different ways. The Swell water bottle trend is real right now, so think about investing in one of these cute ones because drinking more water helps keep your body balanced.