With over two million subscribers and over 20 million views per month, Rosanna Pansino’s geeky baking show, “Nerdy Nummies,” has gone viral. So viral, that YouTube gave Ro, as well as two other famous YouTubers, a multi-platform promotional campaign. Now she’s appearing in advertisements stretching across the walls of the New York City subway, on huge banners peppered across the city and in magazines with her face plastered across full page spreads, donning a chef’s hat and a silly expression on her face. She’s even appeared on The Today Show and The View.

Her lovable show boasts an unashamed adoration for all things nerdy and promotes her inherent artistic flair. She’s a self-proclaimed nerd, dashing off to Comic-Con and playing video games, and her baked goods reflect her nerdy, charismatic and goofy personality. Her colorful creations range from a Rubix cube made out of brownies, to cheeseburger ice cream sandwiches, to Angry Bird cupcakes, to just name a few.


Ro will occasionally have special guests appear on her show, including her friends, other YouTubers, as well as Miss Piggy and Swedish Chef from The Muppets. She also does YouTube food related challenges, like Helping Hands, where one of her friends pretends to be her hands and must complete the recipe without seeing anything that’s going on. Basically food gets everywhere.   

Though time-consuming and frequently complicated, Ro leaves the viewer with her recipes for each of her creations in the About box under each video, along with where to find hard-to-get supplies, like baking molds and unique pastry tips. She closes each video with a wag of her pointed finger and saying, “bye bye!”

Want to see her in action? Check out these videos: