What happens when you ask 5 people from France, Italy, Australia, and the US to pronounce popular foods from each other’s countries AND guess what they are? Something pretty damn hilarious. We put 5 guys to the test and asked them to pronounce foods like macarons, foie gras, gnocchi, turducken, and fluffernutter.

Here are some highlights:

Charcuterie (France)

“It reminds me of Charizard so it’s probably a Pokemon.” – Roger, USA

Turducken (USA)

“T-Tur..uh..T-Tur..der..terr? Turr-duhh-tair?” – Tomasso, Italy

Fluffernutter (USA)

“Is that some sort of like, pornographic term?” – Raj, Australia

Gnocchi (Italy)

“I think it’s probably made from potato?” – Ryan, USA

Chiko Roll (Australia)

“Sounds more like Mexican.” – Thomas, France

Looks like we’ve got a long way to go, people.

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