If you haven’t checked out Jimmy Fallon’s brand new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor, you really gotta try a bite. It has “caramel and chocolate ice creams, chocolate cookie swirls and gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter cookie dough.” Okay, yum.

To hit two scoops with one spoon, Jimmy stopped by the Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop by where The Tonight Show films in Rockefeller Center to promote his flavor, and surprised some customers as well.

Fallon played around with customers by feeding them a spoonful of his new ice cream flavor while hidden behind a cardboard cutout of his face. The customers thought they were just being fed by a mechanical hand, but it was actually Fallon’s. He occasionally popped out from behind the cardboard, and it looked like a seriously good time.

Check it out:

Being fed ice cream by Jimmy Fallon? Seriously, sign us up.

Spoon it out some more with our good friends, Ben and Jerry: