What happens when you ask random college students if they want a FREE gift card? At the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, we discovered how far college kids are willing to go for free food.

After a careful selection process (stopping everyone on campus and asking them if they wanted free food) we narrowed it down to four contestants. These four did some crazy and hilarious shit for the ultimate prize: a $10 Zingerman’s gift card.

Meet the victorious (and not-so-victorious) contestants below:

Contestant 1: Drew

Challenge: Propose to a stranger and announce it to the public. 

The hunt.

Could she be the one for Drew? 

The proposal.

“Ummmm…. what?” -Drew’s future wife. 

The acceptance?

Maybe next time, Drew.

Contestant 2: Kristen

Challenge: Convince someone you know them from somewhere. 

The target.

The flashback.

“Were you at… Johns?” -Kristen 

John Brandanowitz, obviously. 

The memory

“Do you remember me at all?” -Kristen


Contestant 3: Iris

Challenge: Take a piece of someone’s food. 




Contestant 4: Tim

Challenge: Get Someone To Sign Your Petition. 

The petition.

A noble cause, really. 

The friend.

…excellent question. 

The signature.

Thanks for clarifying. 

When it comes to getting free food, the stakes have just been raised. 

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