What can be more scrumptious other than a bread being topped with mozzarella, cheddar or feta; that tastes equally inviting whether grilled, stuffed, baked or broiled? Indeed, lip-smacking Garlic Breads. If you're a fresher, there ought to be a food bucketlist cluttered with all sorts of airy and savory items from all around the grub hubs. But it can't be complete without the following Assorted Delectable Garlic Breads.

1. Pulled Apart Garlic Bread, Uncle's Sip & Bite

toast, pretzel, cheese, brioche, egg, bread
Srishti Jain

Heavenly cheesy pulled-apart garlic bread topped with flakes and coriander leaves resides exclusively at Uncle's Sip & Bite (Prashant Vihar, Delhi). Moved by its name, this uniquely patterned bread leaves its luscious flavour on all the gourmet floaters. Come aboard here cheesy lovers!

2. Garlic Bread, Sbarro 

Eyes out? Yeahh! It's that happy meal member that gets stuck at its wonders ruling out from its competitors. No wonder this freshly baked bread with parmesan, homed at Sbarro (Connaught Place, Delhi) could actually grab its admirers’ attention at such an affordable price where anyone could move in without worrying about their pockets. Roaming around hungry at Delhi's center? Stop by Sbarro and you'll be set.

3. Cheesy Dip Garlic Bread, Penta Cafe

bread, sweet
Srishti Jain

Dwelled with dripping cheese, accompanied by mayo and spicy sauce - half loaf fills the entire belly with its savory flavour. With the cut throat competition of this grub society, Penta Cafe (Gujranwala Town, Delhi) arouses its customers from round the corner to have its uniquely made garlic bread at completely pocket-friendly rate, with its cheese sailing out.

4. Garlic Breadsticks, Dominos

salt, sweet
Aditya Rao

Among the assorted delectable garlic breads present, the grossly celebrated Dominos' Garlic Breadsticks undoubtedly bolts the foodie’s faith on these irresistible breadsticks at only one try. No order is complete without these plain or stuffed garlic breadsticks that makes a meal more filling and appetizing.

5. Tomato Bruschetta, Lord Of The Drink Forum

Healthy chunk? There's one for you too! Not cheesy, just healthy bite topped with freshly chopped tomatoes at Lord Of The Drinks Forum (Nehru Place, New Delhi) . No matter you're not up for junk stuff, this crazy baked, grilled bread has it own combos of tomato and other bracing edibles which is equally divine and flavorsome as any other garlic bread version.

6. Garlic Bread, Pizza Hut

Hungry? See, that's the essence of this baked bread found at Pizza Hut. It unknowingly compels you to order and have its bite. Smoothed with butter, topped with seasonings and cheese! What else one could ask for? Asking for a meal, its incomplete without this garlic bread. Make it great.

7. Chicken Bruschetta, Spezia Bistro

This toasted chicken bruschetta possesses variations of toppings to tastes and choices. Spezia Bistro (Hudson Lane, Delhi) will leave no way unreached to make you visit again and have a bite of this flavoury garlic bread. It is the place that cooks delicious assorted breads under one roof, be it cheesy garlic bread, breadsticks or any delectable bruschetta.

Excited for the new stuff? Hook on to this list of assorted delectable garlic breads now and relish the savory breads near you!