This Wednesday, WalletHub released the 2016 list of the Fattest States in America, which compares the results of three seperate rankings to determine which states are the most unhealthy and obese. The five states listed below have been singled out as failing in the food and fitness category and winning in the obesity and unhealthy habits rankings.

5. Tennessee

Tennessee is the epitome of Southern comfort food. With options such as banana pudding or smoked ribs, one meal can easily fulfill your daily calorie intake. It's no surprise, then, that this southern state rounds out the top five fattest states with more then two-thirds of adults being categorized as overweight or obese.  

4. Kentucky

Sneaking its way into the top five for the highest percentage of residents with diabetes and high cholesterol, Kentuckians should probably switch up their breakfast of biscuits and gravy for some heart-healthy Cheerios. Credited as the founder of Fried Chicken, it's no wonder Kentucky comes in at fourth on this list. Not from Kentucky? Here's a list of the 25 best places to order fried chicken if you're feeing adventurous.

3. Arkansas

It's not surprising that Arkansas has the highest percentage of adult obesity when everything in the state comes fried. From pickles to catfish, Arkansas knows that everything's better when it's battered as it comes in at third on the list. But if you can't resist, learn how to make your own fried pickles here.

2. Louisiana

Perhaps the reason Louisiana falls second on this list is because of their numerous flavorful and cultural food options. From steaming Gumbo to hearty Jambalaya, it's clear why the pounds never seem to fall off Louisianans. This extra weight is probably why Louisiana ranks first for the highest percentage of residents with high blood pressure. You can check out some more unique Louisiana foods here.

1. Mississippi

Coming in at the top of the list is the good ole' state of Mississippi, which has been successively crowned year after year as the state with the most severe weight problem. Ranking first for the highest percentage of childhood obesity, physical inactivity, and diabetes, it's safe to say that Mississipians might want to start substituting their famous pecan pie for a few fruits and veggies.

Obesity is actually a national epidemic that can have severe consequences on the well-being, health and economy of our nation. So, remember to get up and exercise, eat a balanced diet, and enjoy everything in moderation!