What is The Scoop on Campus? Well, it is actually a brand new ice cream shop that allows students to escape the infamous Arizona heat with some frosty sweets.

The shop is located just outside the Student Union, specifically on the corner where C.C.'s Coffee used to reside (or right next to the bookstore, for all the freshmen out there). The Scoop opened up on August 23rd and has already proven to be a fan favorite. 

The easy-going atmosphere and the cold treats have already made The Scoop a popular destination for students to chill out, study, and of course, eat some ice cream. 

The Scoop partnered up with Shamrock Farms Creamery to give students rich and authentic ice cream with an abundance of fun flavors. In fact, the ice cream flavors are as delicious as they are punny with flavors ranging from Cats Cookie Dough to StrawBear Down.
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Olivia Sandhu

However, The Scoop isn't just your typical plain jane ice cream store... it is also part coffee shop. You can order your usual coffees and teas, but it is the nitrogen-infused cold brew that sets The Scoop apart from any of your typical coffee shops.

What is nitrogen-infused cold brew? Well, it is just that. Nitrogen gas infused with cold brew coffee. Basically, by adding nitrogen gas to the cold brew, the bubbles cause the coffee to become rich and creamy without actually using any cream.

This new trend is becoming quite popular in coffee shops all over after Nate Armbrust, a food scientist for Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland, Oregon, decided to take a chance and revolutionize the coffee world. 

Regardless, if you are an ice cream lover, a coffee lover, or just an atmosphere lover, The Scoop offers a little bit of everything for everyone, so definitely stop by between classes. 

Students can order two scoops of their favorite flavors, build their own sundaes, or even take a pint back to the dorm to enjoy later.