Vejo, the world's first eco-friendly, pod-based blender has just launched its newest flavor, Collagen Glow. This drink boasts a whopping 10 grams of collagen and a powerful blend of fruits and vegetables to work together and improve skin elasticity and firmness. Plus Collagen Glow tastes like Watermelon Fresca, which is the perfect flavor for summer.

Vejo Starter Kit,, $99, Shop now

Vejo is not new to the world of health blends. They also offer an Immunity Fuel blend as well as Stress Support, and Daily Recovery. They also make amazing smoothie and cold brew blends—personal favorites include Tropical, Cold Brew, and Match Greens. This personal blender can do it all.

You can get your Vejo and Collagen Glow pods online at All Vejo pods are biodegradable and consist of organic fruits and vegetables, so they are good for both you and the environment. Try them and thank me later.