Now that Halloween is officially over, we can begin thinking about our next food-filled holiday: Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is always fun for me because I love my turkey-induced coma, swapping out jeans for sweatpants to fit that extra roll in my belly, and subbing out pumpkin pie for the birthday cake and celebration we have for my dad.

But a few years ago, my meat-filled holiday came to a screeching halt. My sister decided to become vegetarian.

I thought my life was going to change for the worse. Did this mean I couldn't have turkey anymore? Was I going lose my beloved gravy? Was I going to lose my sanity? So I did some research.

It turns out that there are plenty of options for vegetarians on Turkey Day. After looking at the options, I realized maybe being a vegetarian isn't so bad. Here are some of mine and my sister's favorite tasty treats on Thanksgiving.

Cranberry Sauce

For my sister, this tart side-dish is a Thanksgiving delicacy. You can easily buy it canned, or I recommend trying this ridiculously easy homemade cranberry sauce


All hail the stale! Stale bread crumbs (aka stuffing) is a common item on the Thanksgiving table. However, if you don't look closely at the StoveTop ingredients, you might not see that "chicken broth" label. Make sure you check your boxed ingredients, or simply make your own stuffing.

Green Bean Casserole

You can't have a vegetarian thanksgiving without veggies. Green bean casserole is a staple at many Thanksgiving dinner parties because it tastes good and is vegetarian-friendly. 


Who knew potatoes were such a hit on Thanksgiving? Served mashed, roasted, or baked, potatoes are an easy vegetarian option to incorporate into Turkey Day. Don't forget that you can also use sweet potatoes instead, which my sister loves to top with marshmallows and cinnamon. 

Corn Bread

Like Oprah, I love bread. Vegetarians can eat any type of bread, but why not keep up with the veggie trend and put corn in it?

Corn bread is so light and airy that you'll find yourself going back for seconds (even if you don't have the room for it). Throw some cinnamon butter on it, and you are pre-gaming dessert.  

Pumpkin Pie

Arguably, the best part of Thanksgiving is the pie. Granted, a vegetarian can eat any type of pie (unless it's chicken pot pie or shepard's pie). Not only is pumpkin pie a thanksgiving delicacy, but it also can lend to some quality family time if you decide to bake one together.