They look like normal people and they sound like normal people, but they are something much greater. Vegans.

Their diets are unimaginable and their bodies are magnificent. They don't consume milk or eggs, they don't consume steak or bacon and they don't consume chocolate or cake. The latter, however, is where I am wrong because vegan desserts have arrived.

Vegans have created the sweetest and healthiest food trend: raw desserts. The new craze excludes ingredients like milk and eggs, while instead adopting nuts, dates and other natural ingredients to form a divine vegan dessert.

Many Instagram users, such as @datesandavocados, have been posting recipes and new ideas to transform nature into cake. "Raw desserts" are often sweetened with pure maple syrup and flavored with cocoa powder or matcha powder.

These desserts are chocolatey and indulgent, but without the guilt of eating seven pieces of chocolate cake (like I normally do). When I indulge in cake, the guilt settles in almost immediately, but the countless health benefits of raw desserts provide all the indulgence with none of the shame.   

1. Daily Dose of Unsaturated Fats

pecan, walnut, nut
Kirby Barth

In a healthy diet, humans require unsaturated fats, such as those in nuts and seeds. What better way to consume your fats than devouring a creamy and satisfying dessert?

Unsaturated fats can lower your blood pressure and reduce the symptoms of depression. In addition to suppressing those sad college thoughts, these fats can lower your risk of heart disease, as well. The unsaturated fats in raw desserts can lower your LDL (aka bad cholesterol) and reverse the health effects of a giant bowl of ice cream.

That's right. You can treat your guilt of dessert WITH MORE DESSERT. Isn't life just the best? 

2. Science says Chocolate = Happiness

sweet, cream, espresso, chocolate, coffee
Mikayla Baiocchi

By this point in your life, you probably know that chocolate makes you feel awesome. Why is that though? Chocolate is a major source of magnesium, which your body needs to function. Magnesium can lower the effects of stress and similar to unsaturated fats, it also reduces depression's impact. So basically, you should be eating chocolate everyday of your life.

3. When Dessert Gives You Fiber...

So, basically, you should be eating chocolate everyday of your life.

nut, candy, raisin, sweet, date
Phillip Massey

Doctors always want to know if you are consuming the recommended daily amount of fiber. You know you aren't eating enough fruits and vegetables though and you hear the spiel every time that you need "5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day." However, you probably won't swap out that slice of pizza for a slice of apple so quickly.

There's a solution though—vegan desserts are literally made from nature. This means they include nuts and dates, which provide a substantial amount of fiber. Increasing fiber in your diet keeps you full, while also aiding in weight loss. I'm really diggin' these vegan inventions.

These raw treats can kill heart disease, encourage weight loss and elevate your mood. Desserts are now officially good for the soul AND the body. Vegans are geniuses, so next time you see one, thank them for the gift of making life healthy and full of dessert at the same time.