I’m done. After today I’m officially free. This week has been both challenging and fun and I’ve been inspired to use vegetables in new and unique ways. I’m grateful for new recipes like the sweet potato chickpea curry and cauliflower couscous and a surprising obsession with almond butter smoothies. I’m also going to try to eat less dairy, but I can’t make any promises.


Photo by RestaurantFairy

Brunch: Some friends and I checked out ABC Cocina and had a Spanish-inspired feast. My brunch included mushroom tacos with kale and a refreshing guacamole with pepito seeds and a grapefruit salsa. Jean-George is quite vegan friendly — who knew?

Dinner: Finale. This is it. Quinoa chickpea veggie burgers with homemade hummus. This isn’t one of those imitation meat burgers that tastes like cardboard — it’s substantial and seriously tasty. So tasty that it held my meat craving over for one more day.

Conclusion: Eating a plant-based diet is tough. It takes time and effort and while it can be delicious, it’s definitely challenging and a serious commitment. I’m going to try and eat fewer animal products/byproducts from now on, but cheese is just too damn good for me to keep this up.