I've been vegan for about seven months now, and since starting this new lifestyle, I haven't really had any trouble with it. However, once November rolled around, I began thinking about Thanksgiving. How was I supposed to be vegan on such a food-filled holiday? Pretty much every typical Thanksgiving food has some ingredient that is not vegan, with the exception of cranberry sauce (woo great), so I knew this was going to be a serious test to my relatively new vegan lifestyle. Here are 10 thoughts that went through my head during my first vegan Thanksgiving, without the turkey and stuffing.

1. Alright, how am I going to tell my entire extended family that I'm vegan?

No, I can't eat turkey, or stuffing for that matter, or pretty much anything that you all are planning on cooking. 

2. Oh gosh, there's the turkey.

The centerpiece of a Thanksgiving dinner is definitely not vegan. Honestly, it doesn't really appeal to me, no matter how much garlic my grandmother insists on covering it in.

3. Wait, even the mashed potatoes aren't vegan?

Typical American mashed potatoes are loaded with butter, milk and maybe even sour cream or cheese, so no, those are definitely not vegan. Dang.

4. Okay, I need to figure out what I'm actually gonna eat then.

Well at least now I can say I've cooked a Thanksgiving dinner, because that is exactly what I'm going to have to do. 

5. What's quick and easy? Rice and beans...the usual.

Everyone is sitting around the table with plates full of the typical Thanksgiving goodies. Then there's me with rice, beans, veggies and a side of cranberry sauce. Psh, I don't stand out at all.

6. And here come the questions.

Why don't you eat meat? What's wrong with milk and cheese? Green bean casserole is vegan, right? No, Aunt Lisa, it's made with dairy — not vegan. 

7. Actually, you know what? I'm going to make a vegan pumpkin pie. 

With my major sweet tooth, I have to make some sort of dessert that I can eat, so vegan pumpkin pie it is. And it was a hit.

8. Who needs real Thanksgiving food when you can have vegan pumpkin pie?

The pie is always the best part anyway, so a vegan version of it makes this Thanksgiving pretty great, even in comparison to all of my past Thanksgivings. I don't even miss the turkey and gravy.

9. Wow, I forgot what it's like seeing people in a food coma. To be honest, I feel great.

I didn't overeat. I actually ate pretty healthy (besides the pumpkin pie), so overall I'd say it was a successful first vegan Thanksgiving.

10. Except I'm left with dish duty. Great.

Even though it was a little tough at times, I ended up having a great Thanksgiving. Hopefully next year I won't have to explain to my family all over again why I don't eat turkey. Who knows, maybe they'll be open to making a vegan-friendly Thanksgiving dinner sometime in the future...okay probably not, but hey, at least I know how to make vegan pumpkin pie now.