The rap scene is getting greener every day, and by way of macro bowls, which probably isn’t the first kind of bowl that come to mind. More kale and less kush might not be the hip-hop norm, but whether for humanitarian or health reasons, these vegan rappers “got the [green] juice” and are opting for Twitter beef over the real thing (thanks for both of those, Drake).

You'll never guess which of your favorite rappers have gone animal product-free.

1. Waka Flocka

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Photo courtesy of @munchies on Instagram

Waka Flocka's got racks on racks on racks, but we suspect they might be the baking type. Proof? Watch him go hard making blueberry muffins with Raury, sans eggs and milk.

2. Raury

This self-proclaimed “Coconut Oil Papi” and vegan gum enthusiast might still have “wet dreams about Chik-Fil-A,” but that won’t stop him from joining Waka Flocka’s vegan #squad.

3. Jay Z

Even Hov wants to look like Beyoncé. Bey’s life coach credits the couple’s 22-day vegan diet challenge and subsequent “vegan-leaning” diet for her 2015 Met Gala hotness. (No word on how the dress fit Jay Z.)

4. DJ Khaled

In March 2016, DJ Khaled announced over Snapchat (surprise!) his plan to test out a vegan diet, à la Bey and Jay Z. However, the rapper told Wendy Williams in an interview that he's not 100 percent vegan all of the time, but he tries to be as much as possible. Makes sense, as you might note that his Finga Licking Miami eatery has yet to sub tofu for chicken wings and lobster tails.

5. RZA

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Photo courtesy of @djkini on Instagram

Wu-Tang might be rapping C.R.E.A.M., but don’t expect any in RZA’s coffee. The rapper is a — perhaps surprisingly —passionate advocate of veganism, as he showed in a Peta UK video.

6. YG

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Photo courtesy of @yg on Instagram

YG has a krazy life, but he’s not taking any chances on his health. Eschewing processed foods as well as animal products to protect himself from “cancer shit” is admittedly hard, but he’s “been off that alkaline water heavy” to keep his energy up.

7. Andre 3000

PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian of 2004 was “hardcore vegan” for 15 years until he had one salad too many and fell off the wagon. Alright, alright, alright.

8. Common

If you’ve tried to go vegan but ultimately settled on a more lenient plant-based diet, you have a lot in common with Common. The rapper gave up all animal products to be healthier, but now relies on fish and vegetables to keep him feeling fit. 

Believe the hype — going vegan is great. Even Kylie Jenner is doing it these days. If you're interested in trying a vegan diet like some of your favorite rappers, you should definitely announce it via Snapchat (jk) and try some of these healthy vegan recipes.