In-N-Out Burger, known for its high-quality burgers, addicting fries, and generally-aesthetic appearance, is a West Coast exclusive chain. With over 300 locations, any California road trip requires at least one pit stop at this famous burger joint. It would be almost unthinkable to travel to the West Coast without stopping for some greasy grub. As a California native, I'm no stranger to In-N-Out, but as a vegan, my options are limited. That being said, here are the vegan In-N-Out options we can all enjoy.

#SpoonTip: All allergen information was pulled from In-N-Out's allergen information guide. 

The Fries

Vegans, rest easy, the fries at In-N-Out are vegan. This burger joint swears that all of its fries are cooked in sunflower oil, meaning they're totally animal-free (and delicious, obviously). Perfectly crispy, the perfect amount of saltiness, and always steaming, these fries make the best road trip companions. Plus, I've even heard that the fries are tastier than the burgers, so vegans can still taste the best part.

A Sandwich

Looking for something to accompany your vegan-friendly fries? Look no further than a grilled cheese. But, without the cheese. The grilled cheese, without the cheese, is basically a sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and onion. I'll admit, it doesn't sound like the most satisfying meal, but it'll keep you full and it'll pair nicely with a side of fries. Sometimes being vegan requires some sacrifices.


Soda is always vegan, but In-N-Out has a pretty well-stocked soda bar. This eatery may not have Sprite, but they do have 7-Up and Coke.

Beware The Secret Sauce

Vegans beware, the secret sauce is not vegan. The base of In-N-Out's famous sauce is mayonnaise, which is made with eggs. Sadly, not vegan. This is a staple of the famous burger chain, but sit this one out. 

While In-N-Out Burger might not provide the most vegan-friendly options, you still don't want to miss out on this California staple. I promise, the fries are so worth it.