Banana ice cream has been all the rage lately. Isn’t it amazing how one, single, pure, whole, natural ingredient can create the silky, smooth creaminess of ice cream? Let’s face it, bananas are totally the new ice cream. It is one simple ingredient, and one so good for you. Plus, varying it up is easy as pie, like this apple pie banana ice cream. You can add many different types of fruit, spices or nut butters to give it unique flavorings. But what do you do when you are trying to stay healthy and crave a more creative texture in your banana ice cream? Well, you’re in luck because these seven vegan, clean eating toppings will take your banana ice cream to the next level.

1. Chocolate Magic Shell


Photo Courtesy of Coconut Mama

You know you loved this as a kid. One second it was liquid, the next it was solid. HOW? Here’s how.

2. Peanut Butter Magic Shell


Photo Courtesy of The Detoxinista

Appeal to your sweet tooth by adding honey or maple syrup.

3. Caramel Sauce


Photo Courtesy of Nutrition Stripped

No need for butter, sugar, cream or a stove in this recipe.

4. Cookie Dough Bites 


Photo Courtesy of the kitchn

This recipe is raw so no salmonella worries. And while you’re at it, check out these Flourless Vegan Chocolate-Dipped Cookie Dough Bites.

5. Brownie Bites


Photo Courtesy of The Gracious Pantry

Bake a batch of these and save a few pieces to throw into some ice cream. Just make sure you don’t eat them all before you take the ice cream out!

6. Strawberry Sauce


Photo Courtesy of Family Fresh Cooking

Banana and strawberries are a match made in heaven. Just check out how perfect the banana strawberry smoothie looks in this video. Also, feel free to apply this strawberry sauce to any of your favorite berries.

7. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups


Photo Courtesy of detoxdiy

One of the greatest food combinations ever, now in your ice cream.

So next time you desire sweet but want to stay healthy, try one of these toppings.