A little over two years ago, vegans everywhere got the amazing news: Girl Scouts were going to start offering vegan cookies. Since then, whether you knew it or not, some of your favorite cookies have actually become dairy-free. With a new vegan Girl Scout cookie on the market this season, I just couldn't keep this to myself.

Bad news: Keep in mind that not all Girl Scout cookies come from the same company and some that you may find on this list aren't vegan depending where you get them from. Double check the box before chowing down. Sadly, the cookies sold near me aren't from ABC Bakers, the company with the vegan ones...it was a sad day for my stomach. But it was a happy day for my wallet, I suppose.

Girl Scout S'mores

This year we welcome S'mores into the vegan Girl Scout cookie family. They are gelatin and dairy-free for everyone to enjoy. You don't need a campfire to indulge in this classic combination.


"Thanks-A-Lot." Sincerely, vegans everywhere

(I may be biased, but these are my favorite ones).


The perfect crunchy cookie with a layer of tangy lemon icing. I don't know about Beyonce, but I would sure write a song about these cookies. 

Peanut Butter Patties

Believe it or not, this chocolate-covered beauty is now available for anyone ditching dairy.

Thin Mints

And last but not least, the all-time favorite Thin Mints are v-e-g-a-n (No matter where you get them!). 

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Better

This just in! Their Thin Mint cereal is also vegan. Breakfast, dessert, and everything in between; the Girl Scouts is where it's at. 

So there you have it. For those 10 minutes you were chowing down on that box of Thin Mints, you were actually enjoying a delicious vegan treat. If Samoas are more your thing, don't be too bummed out, check out this vegan Samoa recipe. Hopefully this will help make your vegan Valentine's Day a bit sweeter.