February 14th is the famous celebration of romantic love and the one day of the year where you, single or committed, can stuff chocolate in your face endlessly without judgement. While chocolate is always a good idea, there are countless other options that can satisfy the cravings of both your stomach and your heart this Valentine’s Day.

This food pairing guide to Valentine’s Day movies has options for both the singles and the takens, the helpless romantics, the hipsters and even the anti-Valentine’s individuals. Whether you want to snuggle with your significant other or just celebrate with your girlfriends, we’ve got the perfect movie and food combinations for you.

For the Lovers

Notting Hill: Shepherd’s Pie and Pinot Noir

Valentine's Day

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This is the classic princess and the pauper story where an ordinary, British bookstore owner falls in love with an American movie star. Shepherd’s Pie originates from the U.K. and when coupled with red wine, it makes for the perfect night with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.

The Notebook: Cheese board and wine

Valentine's Day

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There’s no explanation needed for this one. Every teenage girl has probably seen The Notebook more than five times and fantasized about a guy like Noah. A cheese board with some expertly paired wine goes perfectly with a timeless classic like The Notebook. Also, the wine can help you feel a bit better about why Ryan Gosling can never be yours.

Pride and Prejudice (2005): Scones and tea

Valentine's Day

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Mr. Darcy. Need I say more? Although it’s a period film and may lack some of the exhilaration of a typical romantic movie, I promise it’s a tremendously satisfying film. To get in the mood of 18th century England, scones and some English Breakfast tea will round out a grand evening.

For the Newly Dating:

Hitchcock films (e.g. Notorious, Rebecca): Chocolate cake and Bailey’s Irish Cream

Valentine's Day

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Hitchcock is famous for thrillers with exceptional leading ladies and drop-dead gorgeous male protagonists. Exhibit A: Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman in Notorious who get involved in an espionage operation and ultimately fall in love, surprise surprise. If you’re too shy to make a move, Hitchcock movies are packed with suspense-filled moments, which gives you the perfect excuse to cuddle with your significant other. As for food, chocolate cake and Bailey’s (maybe over a scoop of chocolate or vanilla ice cream) will go perfectly with the thematic decadence that is Hitchcock films. Plus, it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without chocolate everywhere.

House at the End of the Street: Chocolate-drizzled popcorn and beer

Valentine's Day

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If you’re looking for a twisted boy-next-door film or just a movie with Jennifer Lawrence, House at the End of the Street offers plenty of snuggling opportunities for you and your significant other. Even if you don’t get scared watching horror movies, just pretend. Watch this horror movie with chocolate drizzled popcorn and some beer for the nerves.

For a Girls’ Night:

Pretty Woman: Fries and champagne

Valentine's Day

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When watching a movie where a rich guy falls in love with a prostitute, the only appropriate thing to do is have fries and champagne. Julia Roberts’ portrayal of Hollywood prostitute Vivian Ward is so hilariously charming that you can’t help but love her. So in the spirit of Pretty Woman, combine something as undistinguished, but delicious, as fries with something as elegant as Moët. If you’re feeling adventurous, try dipping the fries in the champagne.

Love Actually: Banoffee pie and hot chocolate

Valentine's Day

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I know what you’re going to say: this is a Christmas movie, not a Valentine’s Day movie. But when it comes to ensemble cast films, nothing beats Love Actually, not even the actual Valentine’s Day one. It’s almost impossible to pick your favorite couple in this film, but I’d have to go with Daniel and his stepson, Sam – cutest stepfather-stepson relationship ever. While you live vicariously through these characters, gorge on some Banoffee pie and hot chocolate.

Sabrina (1954): Croissants and rosé

Valentine's Day

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When someone brings up Audrey Hepburn, one automatically thinks of either Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Roman Holiday. But Sabrina is definitely a Valentine’s Day winner. It’s one of her more underrated films where she plays a chauffeur’s daughter who falls in love with the younger brother of an extremely wealthy family. Besides the fact that Audrey is stunningly elegant, the movie is equally endearing and meant to be enjoyed with some croissants and rosé.

For a Valentine’s Day Party:

Knocked Up or anything with Katherine Heigl: Pepperoni pizza and Diet Coke

Valentine's Day

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We’ve all had a love-hate relationship with Katherine Heigl, the It Girl of last decade’s romantic comedies. From Knocked Up to 27 Dresses, she has never failed to deliver an hour and a half of great entertainment. Her rom-coms are the ultimate comfort movies, so enjoy them with some greasy pizza and fizzy cola.

When Harry Met Sally: A deli sandwich and a cappuccino

Valentine's Day

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Even if you haven’t seen this film, you have probably heard of the orgasm scene where Harry and Sally are sitting at a restaurant and Sally fakes an orgasm. In celebration of the movie that paved the way for all modern day rom-coms, dig into a pastrami or turkey sandwich with a large cappuccino.

Enchanted: Pancakes, waffles and apple martinis

Valentine's Day

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No one does heart-warming better than Disney. Experience this unusual story of finding true love with some pancakes and waffles, accompanied by an apple martini or two. Singing along to the songs is also highly recommended.

Tangled: Carbonara and Chardonnay

Valentine's Day

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I know you’re probably just recovering from the whole Frozen hype, but when it comes to Disney love stories, there aren’t many that can beat that of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. Carbonara slightly resembles Rapunzel’s luscious golden hair and is thus appropriate to enjoy it while watching Tangled. Plus, it has bacon in it, so why not. If you’re feeling super fancy, pair some Chardonnay with the pasta.

For an Awesome Night with Your Laptop:

500 Days of Summer: Avocado toast and lemonade

Valentine's Day

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“You should know upfront that this isn’t a love story.” If you hate Valentine’s Day, this is the movie for you. It features a manic pixie dream girl that breaks Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character’s heart. Since it’s clearly a love story pretending to be otherwise, it should be enjoyed with some pretentious yet delicious avocado toast accompanied by a glass or two of lemonade.

Silver Linings Playbook: Cereal and almond milk

Valentine's Day


J-Law can do no wrong, especially when she’s acting opposite Bradley Cooper. For their first date, they go to a restaurant where they order Raisin Bran and tea. In the spirit of their unconventional but adorable relationship, grab your favorite cereal and pour in some almond milk, since you’re probably quirky and unconventional too, in a good way.


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