As unbelievable as it may seem, it’s already February. That means the next holiday approaching is Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect occasion for a sweet indulgence. Treating you and your loved ones to some delicious treats doesn’t have to be hard or expensive! Here’s my take on an easy Valentine's Day spread for under $20 to share with your friends, roommates, family, or significant other!

Aeji Hyun

1. Nature's Own Brioche Bread - $1.99

2. Boom Chicka Pop - $0.92 ($5.49 for a pack of 6)

3. barkTHINS - $4.49

4. Apple - $0.75

5. Strawberries - $3.49

6. Whipping Cream - $3.49

Note: All items were purchased at my local Ralphs.

Strawberry Sando

The spotlight of this spread is the Strawberry Sando. This popular sandwich is ultra decadent while being ultra simple. To make preparation even simpler, you can use premade whipped cream. I opted to make whipped cream for extra freshness. If you choose to make your own whipped cream, pour 1 cup of whipping cream in a bowl, add 2 tablespoons of sugar (more or less depending on your sweetness preference) and whisk away!

Tip: Freeze your mixing bowl before to help firm the cream faster.

Aeji Hyun

Once your whipped cream is ready, de-crust your bread of choice. Brioche is recommended for its sweeter taste and lighter texture. Spread a layer of a whipped cream on one slice. Then, arrange your strawberries. 

Aeji Hyun

Apply more whipped cream to cover the strawberries completely. 

Aeji Hyun

Top with the other slice of bread and slice in half. If slicing becomes messy, tightly wrap the sandwich with plastic wrap.

Aeji Hyun

After preparing the strawberry sando, I arranged the other items of this Valentine's Day spread on a tray. I added the leftover strawberries, some Almond barkTHINS, sliced apples, and BOOMCHICKAPOP. Feel free to be as creative as you want and mix and match according to your taste!

Even though this year's Valentine's Day may look different than usual, make the day a little sweeter with a simple spread like this!