As many of us know, vaginas are sensitive places that require special love and attention. In keeping good health, one should basically live by the rule that food should never go in through the Southern route.

If kinky stuff is your thing, you do you, but for your own health and comfort, save these sweets for your palate and not your hoo-ha.

1. Coconut Oil

Claire Waggoner

Although the general consensus seems to be that putting coconut oil in your vagina isn't harmful to one's health and safety, there are still a lot of downsides to putting this tasty cooking oil down there.

Coconut oil isn't compatible with latex condoms, and can actually make them degrade or break down. Coconut oil can also clog pores, leading to acne in some pretty uncomfortable places.

2. Whipped Cream

cream, dairy product, milk, sweet, pudding
Kristine Mahan

This creamy treat may seem sweet 'n fun, but putting it in your vagina (or someone else's) isn't recommended. Whipped cream can easily get stuck and cause irritation, possibly leading to an emergency trip to the hospital, according to ob-gyn Alyssa Dweck, M.D., coauthor of "V is for Vagina," who talked to Women's Health.

3. Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks

Jamiesrabbits on Flickr

One might expect these fun little rocks to pop and tingle, but it's been proven by experience that what they really do is burn and itch. Instead of ruining your fond childhood memories of this candy, have a pop rocks martini.

4. Chocolate Sauce

coffee, milk
Allie Fenwick

The sugar in chocolate sauce can affect the bacteria in your vagina, potentially leading to an unwanted yeast infection. Chocolate sauce is also heavy in dyes and preservatives, which most people don't even want to put in their mouths.

As I was researching for this article, the possibility of honey popped into my mind. It might be a better, more natural choice, but it still contains tons of sugar and it's downright sticky as hell.

5. Fruits and Vegetables

vegetable, pasture, courgette, marrow, squash
Allie Fenwick

Sometimes #cleaneating isn't the best choice for your body. Fruits and vegetables often have pesticides on them, which aren't recommended to put inside your vagina. Also, they can break up inside you and leave you with "leftovers." Yuck.  

I hope that this article inspired you not to put food in your (or your sexual partner's) vagina, since I know that's what you were all thinking about. May your food, rather than your sex life, be delicious.