UVM dining is home to a wide array of eating locales that vary in reputation according to who you ask in the student body. As Sodexo soliders, Groovy UV students know the highs, the lows, the ins and the outs of pretty much every option that is available to them. When it comes to eating sometimes palpable, often questionable dining hall fare, there’s a place for everyone, even you.

  1. Your friend asks you what you think of their outfit, which isn't their best ensemble. Do you

  2. You forgot to do that thing that your roommate asked you to do a while ago. Do you

  3. Your mom is calling but you're busy catching up on Game of Thrones. Do you

  4. Pick a character from Jane the Virign

  5. Pick a comfort food

  6. Which view would you prefer while you dine?

  7. You forgot to set your alarm and missed your first class. Do you