From the Naveen Jindal School of Management to the residence halls, there are a wide range of students at UT Dallas. If you think about this in terms of food, it means that there are a lot of experiences and tastes that span across our campus, which have created the potential for an amazing food community. This is why we have decided to bring Spoon University to UT Dallas.

On Campus:

To be honest, at UT Dallas, while there are many places to eat on campus, like the widely popular Panda Express, most students decide to cook for themselves. Thankfully, what they manage to create is always amazing and often makes me and others around them green with envy. The food students bring to campus turn heads and cause mouths to water just from a quick glance. Of course, it would be a disservice if the more creative foods on campus went unmentioned. For example, there is a newly installed food truck lot for the students to enjoy. Plus, many organizations have students that sell insanely delicious goodies, like Boba tea or even rainbow cupcakes! However, the real party starts when you decide to set off on a conquest off campus and conquer your curiosity at one of the many places that play with your pallet in ways never imagined.

Off Campus:

Due to the ever growing population at UT Dallas, there are lots of restaurants and cafés off campus that could amplify this potential for a food community. It is pretty awesome to see that certain spices or scents stimulate your senses in similar ways to others. Whether it be a quick stop at a Boba tea place, slurping on some steamy hot ramen at one of the many ramen shops, or even getting a case of crazy cravings for fast food, the UT Dallas area has your fix and possesses potential to build community. By bombastically breaching the barriers of our humanity, food has managed to bring a group together to help bring Spoon University to UT Dallas. So what does one do if they want to join the Spoon team? Well, it isn’t as intensely irritating as it initially seems.

Now Join!

Since our Founder, Grace Nguyen, brought Spoon to UT Dallas, our team has grown by a whopping 12 members and that number will continue to rise. If interested, simply slide smoothly over and request an application. You could become a writer, photographer, videographer, or even a marketer. If you need anymore convincing on why to join, check out our other article here. So in the words of our founder “come join us on our Spoon journey”.