Before we dive in on why you should join, lets answer the burning question that we are all thinking about: What the heck is Spoon University? Spoon is a food blogging website for college students, by college students. Its a place where college kids can learn how to write articles, market their work and garner publication status for portfolios (I'm looking at you Communication majors). Here are top four reasons on why you should join USFSP chapter of Spoon University (minus keeping me company).

1. Learning how to write like a boss

Knowing how to write is coveted in all fields, whether you want to be a marine biologist or a fancy accountant. Your future boss is going to assume you know how to write and write well. Spoon creates an environment where you can nurture your natural writing skills and help them improve. You know what they say practice makes you a better writer. Plus you can brag to your friends that you've been published on a national website.

2. Marketing, Marketing, and...oh more Marketing

Writing articles about your favorite snacks is one thing, but having others actually read it is another. If you want your work to stand out, or just need experience in social media campaigning, Spoon is the way to go.

Some consider social media marketing easy. You just post a selfie, thrown in a cute caption and that's that. It's honestly not that simple. Social media marketing takes planning, lots and lots of planning. Most professional bloggers have entire planners dedicated to just social media planning, setting when and where they decide to share their new post. Spoon is a great way to cultivate this skill, having it to show to future employers.

Lets be honest here. Social media is a huge part of society now, its not going away anytime soon. So if you can navigate the ever changing waters of Social media, then you'll stand out over other candidates. Or use this skill to impress your mom, either way it works. 

3. New achievement unlocked: EDITING

Knowing how to critically critique someone's work without making them cry is a crucial skill. It would be kinda awkward to explain to your professor or boss that you made your fellow comrade cry because you said their work sucked to the highest degree. Not cool. Don't do that.

With Spoon, you wouldn't have to worry about that because you would learn how to properly critique/edit. Its all about the balance between compliments and pointing out issues. Let the author know that you enjoyed either the whole article or parts of it. Then point out the issues that need correcting, such as a mistyped word or a content error. Either way, you would never make another person cry with your words. At least editing-wise.

4. Lights, Camera, uh Video?

If writing about cool recipes or wacky food holidays isn't up your alley, that's totally fine. We have tons of room for those who know their way around a camera. Photography and Videography are a big part of Spoon because they also tell stories, just with different mediums. 

So if you are looking for somewhere to get established as a photographer or videographer, look no further my friend. We accept all ideas within reason. If you can't come up with an idea but still want experience, Spoon has a large amount of pitches that you can choose from. Free reign for all!

In all seriousness, join our group of ragamuffins who just love sharing their food experiences through writing, photography and videography. We don't have any set meetings right now since we are a small group of three, but that will change in the future. Without much else to say I leave you with a food pun: 

What happens when fruits die?

They get berried