Zac Coughlin, a junior at the University of Southern California, is making your day a little sweeter. As of Friday, October 4th, Zac's Sweet Shop, an online dessert shop where he sells all of his innovative, homemade goodies, is officially open for orders! He ships his delectable desserts nationwide, so you can enjoy his treats from wherever you're from. 

To make his sweet shop a reality, Zac created a Kickstarter on a website aptly named Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a crowd-funding website on which the creator chooses a monetary goal for their project with rewards offered in exchange for different amounts of donations. It's all or nothing; so if the project isn't fully funded by the date of the creator's choosing, then you aren't charged. 

Zac's goal with his treats is for you to indulge in your nostalgia, so he's created a number of different, delicious treats, including truffles, cookies, and a cookie pizza, to allow you to do so! 


Zac's bite-sized truffles come in eight flavors: Cookie Dough, Cake Batter, Brownie Batter, Peanut Butter, Mint Cookie, Cookie Monster, Oreo, and Vanilla Oreo. All of the batters you used to lick off of the spoon are now safe to eat -- and dipped in chocolate! Each individual truffle doesn't have that many calories, ranging from 80-110, so feel free to indulge in just one even when you're trying to be healthy. But one may not be enough of these delicious little treats. 

If you're thinking of what to send your friend at school a thousand miles away, you can create your own Truffle Zac-Pac! Mix and match any twelve truffles and ship this personalized box to your friend to show them that you're thinking of them.


Zac's cookies are to die for. Like the truffles, his cookies also come in a number of delicious flavors, such as Oreos. But the Oreo deliciousness does not stop there. There's also Dirty O's, Cookie Butter Oreos, and Peanut Butter Oreos! Zac also has classic cookies with a fun twist, with flavors of Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Red Velvet, Chocolate Chip Deluxe, and Peanut Butter Chocolate Deluxe. A lot of options, I know. But you really can't go wrong with any of them. 

Each cookie is made from scratch, dipped in chocolate, and drizzled with Zac's signature drizzle. The deluxe cookies, Peanut Butter Chocolate Deluxe and Chocolate Chip Deluxe, in particular, include something extra: another cookie stuffed inside! So when you're looking to really satisfy your sweet tooth, these cookies are definitely the way to go. 

Cookie Pizza

Zac's Cookie Pizza is the ultimate cookie. Cookie extraordinaire. Cookie to the extreme. Every Cookie Pizza is customizable to whatever flavors you feel like indulging in. First, you'll choose your dough: Chocolate Chip, Cookies & Cream, Peanut Butter Chocolate, or Red Velvet. Next, you'll choose your chocolate: Milk, White, or Dark. You'll choose if you want blue swirl on your pizza (but why wouldn't you?!) and finally, you'll choose up to 5 toppings, which include chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, Oreo crumbs, sprinkles, Andes Candies, Mini M&M's, or nuts. 

The Cookie Pizza is an experience meant to be shared with friends. This is what Zac promotes: bonding over the nostalgic flavors we all grew up loving and indulging in that sweet tooth without shame. It's fun to allow ourselves to indulge sweets, but of course, moderation is key.

Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

Zac wouldn't be a true chocolatier if he didn't have the classic treat of chocolate-covered pretzels. His pretzels rods come in two flavors: chocolate and salted-caramel chocolate. They're just as delicious as you'd expect and are identifiable as Zac's with his signature chocolate drizzle. They're a perfect treat for any mood, any time of year!

Whether you're looking for a great birthday gift for a friend, complete with a custom note, or just something to snack on in between classes, Zac's Sweet Shop will provide you with the ultimate indulgence. And for all of you gluten-free folks out there, the cookie dough truffles, cake batter truffles, chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate chip cookie pizza are okay for you to eat! Vegan options are coming soon! 

Zac is now taking orders on his website, so hurry up and get some desserts! You won't be disappointed with all of the delicious treats that Zac has been perfecting for years.