While some of us live in housing that requires us to have a full-price meal plan, there are a lot of students struggling to find their next meal. Don’t fret, you can survive until winter break with these tips.

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Here are some ways to get more bang for your buck:

1. Lunch in DFo Wednesdays and Fridays for only $5

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Upperclassmen may say Danforth isn’t good, but since you’ve been an underclassmen, things have been changing here. With a new make-your-own mac n’cheese bar, sandwich station, and rotating mexican/indian station, you’ll leave wanting even more.

2. A blimpie sub also for $5

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A sub gives you the option to add as many ingredients as you want, including double meat. This comes in handy when the workers at Burrito Bowl skimp on your meat portion and you’re still #hangry after. No good.

3. Hacks at the Pit

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  • Ask for a grilled chicken (with no bun) from the grill and place it on top of a salad. This baby comes out to be less than $6… Less than a burrito bowl, and not to mention healthier. Top your salad with feta, banana peppers, olives, and balsamic viniagrette to give it a mediterranean twist.
  • Bananas are bigger and better in the pit

4. Late-Night Swipe Options from 8 to 10PM

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  • Spicy Chicken with French Fries and a medium fountain drink
  • Cheeseburger with French Fries and a medium fountain drink
  • Grilled Chicken with French Fries and a medium fountain drink
  • Veggie Burger with French Fries and a medium fountain drink
  • Pizza:  2 Slices pizza with a medium fountain drink
  • Blimpie: 6 inch sub, chips, and medium foundtain drink
  • Salad Bar:  Small salad with a piece of fruit and a medium fountain drink

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5. Forgo Starbucks, coffee is cheaper in connections and is less of a wait

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They also have better flavors, such as french vanilla, hazlenut, and pumpkin spice. Get the punch card and your 6th coffee/tea is free!

6. Every time you go to DFo or Doug, get more bang for your buck by:

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  • Taking a few hummus containers in the Gluten-Free fridge to-go
  • Always leave with a few pieces of fruit
  • Bring a coffee tumblr to fill up on coffee
  • Fill up your water bottles with chaser for your night out
  • Take a few Udi’s Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Muffins for a quick snack in between classes
  • Buy a clamshell and bring it every time, you got yourself your next meal or a meal for the next day!

7. Grab ‘N Go still exists! For one price, you can get a filling sandwich, drink, choice of fruit or chips

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8. Buy your bulk foods from Hillside, rather than the Common Market

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A small box of your favorite yogurt or chocolate covered pretzels will cost you no more than $2.

9. Once finals come, clubs and sororities will host many study breaks… Hello free food

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Crossing fingers someone gives out pumpkin pie.

10. Or if all else fails, befriend those who are swimming in declining

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We know you’re out there.