If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would probably be hummus. Unfortunately, it can get boring after a while. Have no fear, we have curated some of the most colorful and delicious recipes that you’ll never get tired of.

1. Curried Sriracha Hummus


Photo by Sydney Eakin

If you’re looking for an Indian twist, this Curried Sriracha is perfect. This is a very basic hummus recipe, only differing in the addition of Sriracha and spices. This is a recipe you can whip up in minutes with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.

2. Beet Hummus


Photo by Adrianna Adarme

Beets have become super popular in the recent months. Their fluorescent color makes them perfect for Instagram-worthy toast, and they’re super delicious. This recipe takes a bit longer, but if you have a spare hour and a few beets laying around, it will totally be worth it.

3. Guacamole Hummus


Photo by Benj Shapiro

Hummus is wonderful. You know what else is wonderful? Guacamole. This is the beautiful marriage of foods you didn’t even know you needed. This is another recipe that won’t take long and will use ingredients you have laying around.

4. Chipotle Pumpkin Hummus


Photo by Tieghan Gerard

If you thought you tried every pumpkin flavored thing, you may be mistaken. This chipotle pumpkin recipe is perfect for fall, but can be enjoyed all year round. This requires some extra planning on your shopping list, like canned pumpkin and adobo peppers, but if you’re hosting a party, this will be a total crowd pleaser.

5. Spicy Sweet Potato Hummus


Photo courtesy of @myspiritualroadtrip on Instagram

For a more savory recipe, this spicy sweet potato version will do just the trick. With ingredients like baked sweet potato, this recipe isn’t a quickie: but this isn’t your store-bought hummus.

6. Spicy Carrot Hummus


Photo courtesy of @katarzyna_lb on Instagram

Another fall favorite, this take incorporates roasted carrots and crushed red chili flakes. A perfect snack for a chilly fall day, or whenever you’re craving carrots and tahini, which I always am.