The Safe + Fair Food Company proudly provides affordable and delicious snacks that are free from common allergens. With Safe + Fair's selection of tasty granola, chips, baking mixes, and more, there is truly something for everyone. This year, they have also released two new Valentine's Day granola flavors. Read on to find out how you can get bags of sweet, chocolatey goodness!

About Safe + Fair

Safe + Fair all started when two dads wanted to create food that was free of allergens and safe for their kids to eat. Safe + Fair’s mission is making clean-label food affordable and accessible to everyone. The team creates and rigorously tests their variety of products that help children and adults avoid all top nine food allergens–peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, wheat, soy, sesame, shellfish, and fish. These snacks are safe from allergens and trusted by 17,000 schools across the US. 

#SpoonTip: On the Safe + Fair website, you can even select the Shop By Allergy menu, which will help you find delicious and affordable snacks that are safe for you or your loved ones.

Game-Changing Granola

Safe + Fair happily sent me samples of their bestselling granola,  free of the top 9 allergens. I served the Honeycrisp Apple Pie granola, complete with dried apples, alongside some vanilla yogurt and honey, and it tasted just like apple pie at the holiday table. The Birthday Cake flavor, complete with rainbow sprinkles, truly takes the cake because it is gluten-free, non-GMO, and made with ancient grains. The granola is low in sugar and will satisfy any sweet cravings. 

You can find these flavors and more for just $5.99 per 12 oz. bag. Other bestsellers include (and are not limited to) Blueberry Cinnamon, Chocolate, and Sweet & Salty Kettle Granola. I am also happy to announce the new Valentine's Day releases: Chocolate Covered Cherry and White Chocolaty Raspberry!

Valentine's Day Release

Anything involving fruit and chocolate screams my name, so I was excited to receive my Valentine's Day Bundle, complete with two new granola flavors. Both flavors are irresistible and will kick those chocolate cravings to the curb with less sugar. The Chocolate Covered Cherry is luxurious, rich, and decadent. It has juicy cherry and rich chocolate flavors complete with real cherries. The White Chocolaty Raspberry is bursting with sweet, tart, and bright flavors. It contains real chewy raspberry bits, real raspberry juice, and a luscious white chocolate flavor. 

Be sure to order the Valentine's Day Bundle for a loved one, a best friend, or even yourself this season for just $12 right here.

In addition to their allergen-free, game-changing granola, Safe + Fair also offers other delicious, convenient snack options, including various flavors of Popcorn Quinoa Chips, Pea Protein Chips, baking mixes (brownies and blondies), and fun kids' snacks. No matter your snack preferences, Safe + Fair has something safe and irresistible for you.