It is a difficult and uncertain time for the world right now. During these stay-at-home days, it is important to maintain our physical and emotional health by making good food choices. Fortunately, The Safe + Fair Food Company provides affordable and delicious snacks that are free from common allergens. With Safe + Fair selection of tasty granola, chips, baking mixes, drizzled popcorn, and more, there is truly something for everyone. 

Safe + Fair has recently released three delicious flavors of drizzled popcorn. Read on to find out how you can get this sweet treat and satisfy those quarantine cravings! 

About Safe + Fair

Safe + Fair is a Chicago-based company founded by two dads who wanted to create food free of allergens and safe for their kids to eat. Safe + Fair takes pride in providing clean label, affordable food for adults and children alike. The Safe + Fair team mindfully develops products that help individuals avoid the most common food allergens, including peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, wheat, soy, shellfish, and fish.

Along with their new popcorn, Safe + Fair offers convenient, allergen-free snack options that are simply irresistible, including various flavors of Popcorn Quinoa Chips, Pea Protein Chips, Granola, and Baking Mixes. One of my personal favorites is the Honeycrisp Apple Pie Granola.

#SpoonTip: On the Safe + Fair website, you can even select the Shop By Allergy menu, which will help you find delicious and affordable snacks that are safe for you or your loved ones.

The New Popcorn

The all-new Safe + Fair Drizzled Popcorn is a gem of a quarantine snack. The popcorn is allergen-friendly, preservative-free, and VEGAN. It can also be conveniently shipped straight to your door.

The three flavors are Dark Chocolaty, Birthday Cake, and Blueberry Cobbler À La Mode! The Dark Chocolaty had to be my favorite since I love the combination of sweet chocolate with savory popcorn.

The Birthday Cake is a Safe + Fair staple flavor now in popcorn! The Birthday Cake Blondie Mix and Birthday Cake Granola are already bestselling products that I also recommend. The Blueberry Cobbler À La Mode is a fruity, vanilla dream that tastes just like a slice of warm blueberry cobbler with a scoop of ice cream!

How to Get The Popcorn

You can find the popcorn online through the Safe + Fair website by clicking here. Bags are available individually for $5 each or in a bundle that includes 2 of each flavor (6 bags total) for $29.

Note: During this time, Safe + Fair is continuing to follow all necessary health precautions carefully to ensure the best quality and safety of their products.

Grab a handful of Safe + Fair popcorn for a work-from-home/homeschool break. Munch on it during a Netflix Party night. Most importantly, don’t forget to drop some off on a friend’s doorstep and share the love.