Trader Joe’s has a special place in people’s hearts, and for college students, the love is real. I used to think of Trader Joe’s (aka TJ's) as an expensive place to shop and was certain other popular grocery chains were much cheaper. Boy, was I wrong. Trader Joe's has a great selection of healthy and easy-to-make options for an affordable price, making it the perfect place for a college student. The Trader Joe's vibe consists of welcoming bouquets of flowers, friendly workers, and free delicious samples.

Our UO Spoon chapter took a poll on our Instagram (@spoon_uoregon) asking students what their go-to Trader Joe's items are. We received a lot of responses and compiled this list of UO Student's Top 10 Trader Joe's Items. Feel free to try them all, or pick and choose, but these yummy treats and college student and chapter approved!

1. Chicken Tikka Masala 

This common favorite is an Indian dish that most people never get tired of. A quick filling meal that can be ready in under 5 minutes.

Katrina Andersen

2. Flatbread Pizza: Burrata, Prosciutto & Arugula

TJ's has an array of flatbread pizza options. We found this to be a popular hit! Pop it in the often and pair with a nice glass of wine (or beverage of your choice if you are under 21).

Katrina Andersen

3. Vegan Kale, Cashew & Basil Pesto

This is the perfect pesto for pasta, pizza, sandwiches, or whatever else you like to pair pesto with- and it’s vegan!

Katrina Andersen

4. Mandarin Orange Chicken

Why go spend a ton of money on eating out when you can make amazing orange chicken for you and your friends (or leftovers for yourself) for a much more affordable price?!

Katrina Andersen

5. Chicken-less Mandarin Orange Chicken Morsels

A great vegan alternative to the popular orange chicken. P.S. It might even be better than the original orange chicken. 

Katrina Andersen

6. Organic Jasmine Rice

The best Jasmine rice made in 3 minutes. Need I say more?

Katrina Andersen

7. Gnocchi alla Sorrentina

TJ's offers all different kinds of frozen gnocchi, but this one takes the crown. A five-star pasta for an affordable price. Spoon Tip: Curl up in bed with a bowl of gnocchi and watch Season 1 Ep. 1 of Chef's Table on Netflix with Italian Chef Massimo and feel like you’re eating one of his masterpieces.

Katrina Andersen

8. Everything but the Bagel Sesame seasoning

The bagel without the calories. A current trend in the foodie world and it can go on anything - bread, salads, and avocado toast (duh). Check out this article to discover different ways to use it!

Katrina Andersen

9. Peanut Butter Cups

We can't forget about sweets, and this is a cult favorite available in dark or milk chocolate.

WARNING: Addicting.

Katrina Andersen

10. Cookie Butter Ice Cream

The original cookie butter that we all love but wait... it gets better - Cookie Butter Ice Cream. With actual chunks of cookie butter!

Katrina Andersen

Thank you for reading and be sure to run on over to your local Trader Joe’s to try some of these yummies! For updates and articles follow our Instagram (@spoon_uoregon), Twitter (@spoon_uoregon), and like our Facebook page (Spoon University at Oregon). Bon appetit!