Tired of the classic Coke and chips? We here at Spoon understand that searching for the perfect flavor can be frustrating. Hence, we’ve put together a list of unusually flavored foods that could just hit the spot for the culinarily adventurous foodie.

1) Doritos-Flavored Mountain Dew (US)

This is still in the testing phase, but it could totally happen. Doritos are delicious, cheesy and the go-to party snack food, so why not mix them with Mountain Dew, a cool and refreshing drink? The result, also known as “Dewitos,”  according to testers, is an orange/yellow drink that has an aftertaste of Doritos.

unusual flavors

Photo Courtesy of Tumblr

2) Green Tea Flavored Kit Kats (US)

Yes, there is green tea-flavored everything. So why does this make the list? Because it’s a delicious, lighter version of the original Kit Kat and unlike many of the items on the list, is sold in the US. 

unusual flavors

Photo by Luna Zhang

3) Sausage and Beer Doritos (Japan)

Doritos seem to be popular in uniquely flavored snacks, and the sausage and beer version could  almost count as a complete meal…kinda. At least this “meal in a bag” won’t make us blow up like Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

unusual flavors

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

4) Pepsi White (Japan)

Pepsi White or yogurt–flavored Pepsi hit the markets in October 2012, just in time for the holiday season. We are pretty curious about how this works. Maybe it’s just artificially flavored carbonated water. Maybe it’s fizzy yogurt in a bottle. Who knows?

unusual flavors

Photo Courtesy of Huffington Post

5) Tomato & Cherry and Carrot & Orange Häagen-Dazs SpoonVege Ice Creams (Japan)

Vegetable and fruit flavored ice cream makes thinking you are getting your daily dose of healthy veggies and fruits that much easier. The flavors were released earlier this year as a low-fat alternatives to traditional ice cream in Asia. The only catch is that their 8.5% milk fat (regular whole milk is 3%).

unusual flavors

Photo Courtesy of General Mills

6) Celery Soda (US)

Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray is a drink extracted from celery seeds and has quite the following. The drink has been around since the 1860s and is commonly found in NYC. In terms of unusually flavored sodas, this one is a must try.

unusual flavors

Photo Courtesy of USA Foods

Now, that you’ve had an introduction to some of the most unusual flavors from around the world, what’s your favorite?