Muggles and wizards rejoice, Universal Studios Hollywood is now selling a hard packed ice cream version of their popular beverage, Butterbeer. Since its opening in 2016, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter portion of the park has been serving the drink in multiple locations. In the spirit of being increasingly immersive, they don't forget about Florean Fortescue's ice-cream. The Butterbeer ice cream creation is essentially a combo of the two and launched in July. 

Over at Universal Orlando, they have been enjoying Butterbeer ice cream for much longer, but in soft serve form sold at Florean Fortescue's Ice-Cream Parlour. Now, both parks have their own Butterbeer ice cream specialty.  

All About the New Flavor

If you have ever tried the original Butterbeer beverage, then the ice cream version tastes very similar. It has that same butterscotch and shortbread taste us muggles love, but with more of a creamy composition. Some have claimed that it's a bit sweeter than the drink form; a dark syrup has been added to the ice cream to amp the richness of the dessert. 

Where to Get It

While wondering around the Wizarding World, you can find the Butterbeer ice cream in the Three Broomsticks restaurant. The ice cream is also for sale at the multiple snack carts around Hogsmeade. 

How Much Does it Cost? 

To get your hands on this hard packed ice cream, it's priced at $5.99 a cup. Compared to other Butterbeer treats, the soft serve version goes for $5.49 a cup. And if you want the OG drink, then be prepared to pay anywhere from $6.00 to $12.00 (depending on if you decide to get the souvenir mug).

What People Are Saying About the New Ice Cream 

Overall, people have been raving about the new flavor on social media. Guests have claimed that it's the perfect snack for those 100 degree days. It's gotta be more refreshing than one of those mammoth turkey legs

Fans have also praised the dessert for actually being better than the soft serve version. Even though it's not as aesthetically pleasing with all the pretty swirls and such, the ice cream apparently tastes lighter and holds up to the heat better

It's about time there was a treat that magically combined the scrumptious flavors of Butterbeer and made them into an ice cream Florean Fortescue would be proud of. So, the next time you're in Universal Hollywood Studios, don't miss out on this Potter-inspired treat. 

If you can't visit The Wizarding World soon enough, Yuengling's Ice Cream sells a Butterbeer-inspired hard packed ice cream. Buttercream and butterscotch flavors are mixed together with decadent butterscotch swirls. Muggles can get these wherever Yuengling's ice cream is sold.