With the rise of food blogs, foodstagrammers, and the ever-growing #foodporn tag, it’s easy to forget that some foods are so downright ugly that no filter or clever camera angle could ever make them look appetizing.

foods that look nasty

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But just because they’re ugly on the outside doesn’t mean that they’re gross on the inside (#realtalk). In fact, some of the most delicious foods on the planet are simultaneously the most disgusting-looking. While these foods definitely aren’t Insta-worthy, they sure do taste freakin’ delicious.

1. Casseroles

foods that look nasty

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Ah, casseroles. No potluck would be complete without ’em. But unless you try reeeeeally hard, your casserole is gonna look like exactly what it is — a mishmash of random ingredients that all get mixed together in a giant dish. On the plus side, they’re super comforting on a cold fall night, and any food that’s topped with that much melted cheese has to taste good.

2. Kiwi

foods that look nasty

Photo by Justin Shannin

They’re brown, oddly egg-shaped, and are as hairy as your legs are when you forget/are too lazy to shave for a couple of days. Simply put, kiwi skin is just plain unapeeling (get it?), but the gorgeously green and sweet inside fruit totally makes up for it. Kudos to the first person who looked past the kiwi’s weird exterior and decided to cut one open.

3. Brie

foods that look nasty

Photo by Emily Bloch

It’s covered in mold. MOLD. A living, growing organism. AKA the stuff that grows on that yogurt you forgot in the back of the fridge and why it’s a good idea to wear flip flops in the communal dorm showers. There’s literally no reason why brie should taste good, but it’s creamy, melts beautifully, and is basically all you could ever want in a cheese.

Wanna give it a try? Check out this brie grilled cheese that’s perfect for fall.

4. Oatmeal

foods that look nasty

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Poor oatmeal. In my opinion, oatmeal is one of the most underrated breakfast dishes. It’s healthy, cheap, and fills you up. Sure, it resembles what I imagine prison food looks like and really doesn’t have much to offer on its own. But the beauty of oatmeal is that it’s a blank canvas that you can customize any way you’d like. Sweet or savory, hot or cold — it’s about time that oatmeal gets its moment in the spotlight.

5. Guacamole

foods that look nasty

Photo by Lily Lou

Guacamole is just about everywhere these days, so I think we’ve gotten accustomed to its bright green hue and smooth, yet chunky texture. But if you think about, everybody’s favorite burrito bowl topping really isn’t all that pretty. In fact, it kinda looks like straight up baby food. Yum?

6. Lentil Soup

foods that look nasty

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Emily Carlin

Low in fat, high in fiber, and chock-full of protein and iron, I wouldn’t be surprised if lentils are the next trendy superfood. Unfortunately, these little legumes just aren’t bringing it in the looks department — especially when you make them into soup. But once you get past the look of it, lentil soup is a deliciously comforting dish that’ll keep you warm all winter long.

7. Passion Fruit

foods that look nasty

Photo by wikimedia.org

Cutting open this tropical fruit reveals an abundance of pulp and seeds that kinda look like little frog eyeballs. This fruit is weird, y’all. Despite the strange texture, passion fruit is really delicious. Wanna give it a try? Pick up some Passion Fruit Chobani Greek Yogurt the next time it’s on sale.

8. Chili

foods that look nasty

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Most soups and stews are just plain ugly, and chili is no exception. Come on, we all know what’s lurking under that cheese and sour cream. And don’t get me started on chili dogs. Or even worse, when it’s served in a bag of Fritos.

9. Sausage

foods that look nasty

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It doesn’t take a dirty mind to know what I’m gettin’ at here. ‘Nuff said.

10. Ugli Fruit

foods that look nasty

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Betty B

A cross between a grapefruit, orange, and tangerine, this Jamaican citrus fruit is actually named for its ugliness. As the fruit ripens, the skin gets bumpy, wrinkly, and discolored, hence the name. But when you cut inside, you’re met with a sweet and juicy fruit with a bit of tang. Nothin’ ugly about that!

11. Hummus

foods that look nasty

Photo by Kim Buesser

From the look of it, you really wouldn’t expect this stuff to taste good. I mean, it looks like unidentifiable beige mush, right? Good thing we’ve all come to our senses and realized that it’s the best thing on earth. Ditch the store-bought stuff and make your own, kicked-up hummus here.

12. Chia Seeds

foods that look nasty

Photo by Brooke Bierhaus

Yeah, yeah I know they’re supposedly the greatest, healthiest thing on the planet, but I can’t be the only one who thinks who thinks these tiny seeds look like bugs. And when they turn all gooey in liquid it pretty much looks like a fifth grade science project gone really, really wrong. Good thing they make for an awesome vegan pudding.

13. Dirt Cups

foods that look nasty

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Matt DeTurck

Dirt cups are truly the epitome of foods that look nasty but tasting amazing. Every kid knows that no trip to TGI Friday’s is complete without this deceiving dessert. Oh, and extra worms are always a must. Here’s how to make a DIY version.