If you’re getting sick of running to Kessel to grab some grub, then you’ve come to the right place. Don’t get me wrong, it is possible to find great meals at our dining hall, but I promise there are plenty of places off campus to score some great food as well.

It’s time to explore what New York state has to offer. Here is a basic guide to bars, cafes and restaurants in Westchester county for Pace Setters to enjoy.

1. When you’re craving a sandwich or munchies at 2 am: Rocky’s Millwood Deli


Photo courtesy of @sammieats

If you’re anything like me, you’re always hungry. One of my favorite places to go to grab a bite to eat is Rocky’s. It’s only 10 minutes away from Pace’s campus, making it a quick stop for unique sandwiches and burgers. Rocky’s is easily a Pace favorite. I mean, is there anything better than great food and 24-hour service? Oh, and don’t forget to bring cash, they don’t accept cards.

What to Order: The #Hashtag sandwich (chicken cutlet, bacon, egg, cheese and hash browns).

Location: 235 Saw Mill River Rd Millwood, NY 10546

2. When you’re trying to be romantic/fancy: Iron Horse


Photo courtesy of @aarondavidgleason

Looking for a reason to dress up? Check out the Iron Horse. It’s located in downtown Pleasantville, making it super easy to access. You’ll feel sophisticated in this train station turned restaurant, and it’s intimate enough to wine and dine with your significant other. Just take one of Pace’s shuttle buses, hitch a ride from a friend, or take a simple 15-minute walk into town. But I must warn you, it’s pricey.

What to order: The horseradish crusted salmon.

Location: 20 Wheeler Ave Pleasantville, NY 10570

3. When you’re trying to be healthy: Little Crepe Street/Little Mumbai Market


Photo courtesy of @nick_wangg

For all of you health nuts, Little Crepe Street/Little Mumbai Market is a godsend. It’s only a short walk away from campus. A fusion of French and Indian cultures makes for a diverse menu. From sweet and savory crepes to tikka masala, this quaint restaurant is guaranteed to deliver. However, make sure you check the hours, you don’t want to end up hungry and depressed (10 AM-3PM, 4-9PM).

What to Order: Any of the savory crepes.

Location: 475 Bedford Road Pleasantville, NY 10570

4. When you’re “doing it for the Insta”: Bar Taco


Photo courtesy of @bartacolife

Get ready to be transported to South America. With a loud, fun and exciting atmosphere, Bar Taco’s positive energy is contagious. Known for its tapas-style tacos, this restaurant sits right on the Long Island Sound. Your food will not only serve as a model for your Instagram account, but it will taste good too.

What to order: The Baja fish taco or the chorizo.

Location: 1 Willet Avenue Port Chester, NY 10573

5. When you’re craving something sweet: Yogolicious


Photo courtesy of @yogolicious_rd

I’m about to give you some insider knowledge. Pace supplies its students with these wonderful things called, “flex dollars.” Flex is money put on your meal card for extra dining. Pace and specific local restaurants have teamed up to simplify eating out, and Yogolicious happens to be included. If you haven’t guessed already, Yogolicious serves frozen yogurt. A quick 5-minute drive from campus, this fro-yo will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

What to order: Any seasonal flavors like pumpkin pie.

Location: 59 Marble Ave #1 Pleasantville, NY 10570

6. When you turn 21: Brother Jimmy’s BBQ


Photo courtesy of @brotherjimmyswp

Looking for a good time? Head over to Brother Jimmy’s in White Plains. Brother Jimmy’s is on a street with several other bars, many of them being Pace favorites. Start your night off with one of their popular fish bowls, and you’re guaranteed to have a good time. Oh, and there’s no need to worry about transportation, you can safely enjoy your 21st by taking the $3 train from Pleasantville.

What to order: The 64oz Swamp Water (Brother Jimmy’s signature and most popular fish bowl).

Location: 147 Mamaroneck Avenue White Plains, NY 10601

7. When you’re craving a slice: Sal’s Pizza and Pasta


Photo courtesy of @salspizzapville

I have some good news — they deliver to campus. Sal’s is definitely a popular joint for Pace students. It takes Flex, and it’s in Pleasantville, so you can just take the shuttle into town. Grab some pizza, a salad, or even seafood, and you will not be disappointed.

What to order: The buffalo chicken pizza or penne vodka pizza, because carbs.

Location: 201 Marble Avenue Pleasantville, NY 10570

8. When you need to grab lunch for under $10 between classes: Pony Express to Go


Photo courtesy of @ponyexpresstogo

Pony Express to Go prides itself on being “healthy” fast food. I mean, the ingredients are natural and organic, so it’s definitely a step up from McDonald’s. However, I think the best part about it is that it’s cheap. Your burger will be under $10, as long as you don’t load it up with $1 add-ons. Sit down, relax, and enjoy the Western feel this restaurant has to offer.

What to order: The pulled pork quesadilla or grilled chicken BLT .

Location: 11 Wheeler Avenue Pleasantville, NY 10570

9. When you’re cramming for exams and the library is full: The Black Cow Coffee Company


Photo courtesy of @blackcowcoffee

The Black Cow is comfortable, making it a great place to grab a coffee and study. If your major is suffocating you, this is the place to be. Quiet, spacious, and cute, the Black Cow has prime conditions for some hardcore studying. Actually, it’s on the same street as Pony Express to Go, so if you get hungry, just run up the hill and they’ll be waiting for you.

What to order: A vanilla chai latte. #SpoonTip ask for it iced or frozen in the summer time.

Location: 7 Wheeler Avenue Pleasantville, NY 10570

10. When you or your friends don’t eat meat: Chop’t

Photo courtesy of @Emily_rose_d on Instagram

Ah yes, a “make your own” salad place. You’ll need to take a car to get here, but it’s a short ride from campus and it’s totally worth it. Chop’t has decent portions, and an array of ingredients to build your very own salad. Stuck with a meat lover? No worries, they have cold cuts ready to go. Versatile and well-kept, Chop’t is a must for any veggie lover.

What to order: That’s for you to decide, pictured above is the Kebab Cobb (falafel, red onion, feta, pita chips with tzatziki dressing).

Location: 116 South Ridge Street Rye Brook, NY 10573

11. When you’re craving Mexican: Sundance Deli


Photo courtesy of @sundancedeli

I think I am Sundance’s biggest fan. Whenever my friends or family ask where to go, I bring them here. It’s a very small deli, but their portions aren’t. The burritos will have you full for hours, the salads too. The service is friendly and speedy, so you won’t be waiting long. However, you’ll want to avoid the lunch craze, oh and the dinner one too, so plan accordingly.

What to order: The chicken fajita (2 chicken fajitas, guacamole, sour cream, rice, and beans).

Location: 37 Wheeler Avenue Pleasantville, NY 10570

12. When you’re hungover: Eldorado Diner


Photo courtesy of @westchesterbreakfastclub

Having a rough morning? This 24-hour diner is here to save you. Eldorado is only 10 minutes from Pace’s campus. It’s not as close as the Pleasantville Diner, but students tend to enjoy Eldorado’s distance from campus. It’s less crowded, and you can avoid seeing your hook-up from the night before. From chocolate chip pancakes to crispy chicken fingers, Eldorado is ready and waiting with the classics.

What to order: The banana chocolate chip pancakes and/or waffle ice cream sundae.

Location: 55 West Main Street Elmsford, NY 10523