If you’ve ever been on a tour of Cornell, you know that in addition to being gorges, Ithaca’s claim to fame is that it has more restaurants per capita than New York City. All those restaurants can sometimes make it really hard to figure out where to go for what. Through a lot of trial and error and after getting lots of tips from older students, I’m finally mastering Cornell’s restaurant scene.

To save you the time and energy of Googling “where should I eat in Ithaca” and to prevent you from just going to the same places over and over again, here is a simple guide to all the gems Cornell and Ithaca have to offer.

1. If you’re craving carbs: Collegetown Bagels

Photo courtesy of @eveflips_ on Instagram

Not only does CTB have the college town atmosphere, but they also have undeniably the best bagels around. In addition to their cozy inside and a bunch of outdoor seating, CTB delivers right to your dorm or apartment.

What to order: You really can’t go wrong. The pizza bagels and the California Sunrise are both really popular, but it’s the kind of place where despite the fact that there are a ton of options, everyone has their own sandwich and orders the same one every time. When you go there you’ll know instantly what your sandwich is.

#Spoontip: Before you go, place your order online to avoid waiting in the long lines.

Location: 415 College Ave, Ithaca, NY (across the street from the Collegetown bus stop and 12 minute walk from Goldwin Smith)

2. If you have 1 am munchies: College Town Pizza

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There’s a reason that there is always a line out the door on weekend nights. CTP is a student favorite and guaranteed to hit the spot. They’re open until 2:45 on Friday and Saturday, 2:30 on Wednesday and Thursday, and 2:00 Sunday through Tuesday. Plus, once in a while they let kids make their own pizza.

What to order: There’s nothing better than the classic cheese pizza. It’s as greasy and satisfying as they come.

Location139 Dryden Rd, Ithaca, NY (2 minute walk from the Collegetown bus stop and 14 minutes walk from Goldwin Smith)

3. If you have 2 am munchies: Louie’s Lunch

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It wouldn’t be Cornell without Louie’s. A food truck located on North Campus, the college staple has been serving food since 1918 and has probably never disappointed. They’re open until 3:00 Monday through Saturday and until midnight on Friday.

What to order: Chicken finger and cheese fries with a milkshake on the side. Definitely don’t forget the milkshake.

Location: 500 Thurston Ave, Ithaca, NY (1 minute walk from Balch bus stop)

4. If you or your friends don’t eat meat: Moosewood

Photo courtesy of @moosewood_restaurant on Instagram

Moosewood is one of the first vegetarian restaurants in the country, and they feature a menu full of local produce and fresh, healthy food. They even have dozens of cookbooks if you’re really into the food.

What to order: Whatever the special is the night you go. Specials are always unique and incredibly fresh.

Location: The Dewitt Mall, 215 N Cayuga St, Ithaca, NY (4 minute walk from the Commons bus stop)

5. When you want a fancy brunch: Carriage House Cafe

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The Carriage House Cafe has it all: great food and an incredible atmosphere. Located in a renovated carriage house that is over 150 years old, Carriage House is extremely cozy and full of character. It’s a super popular destination on weekend mornings, so definitely be prepared for a wait. Don’t let that stop you though, the wait is well worth it.

What to order: Without a doubt, you have to try the Brie Stuffed French Toast and definitely don’t miss out on their capuccinos decked out with coffee art. In addition to being delectable, your brunch will be totally insta-worthy.

Location: 305 Stewart Avenue, Ithaca, NY (10 minute walk from Baker Flag Pole)

6. When your parents are visiting and they’re footing the bill: The Heights

Photo courtesy of @theheightsithaca on Instagram

The Heights is without a doubt the classiest restaurant near campus. Between their fancy menu and cool decor, it is the place to go when your parents are around. It can be a little pricey, though, so it’s definitely ideal when you’re not on a student budget.

What to order: I’m a big fan of the Grilled Rainbow Trout, and you definitely can’t forget to order the Lava Cake “Soufflé”. It’s the perfect end to your meal but must be ordered when you order your entree.

Location: 903 Hanshaw Rd, Ithaca, NY (4 minute drive from RPCC)

7. Where to go when you’re hungover: RPCC Brunch or Appel Brunch

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There’s a lot of debate surrounding which of the two is superior. A lot of people are die-hard RPCC’ers, but you also have a group of people who swear by Appel brunch.

So why RPCC? The upside? The dim sum and make-your-own pancake and omelet bars are to die for. The downside? The line for dim sum is super long and you can only get three at once.

So why Appel? The upside? Unlimited dim sum with much shorter lines. The downside? There’s no pancake bar, and some people think the dim sum isn’t quite as good.

Location: Both RPCC and Appel are on North Campus

#Spoontip: Making yourself a waffle and topping it with ice cream is also a fantatistic way to enjoy the dining halls.

8. When you’re feeling adventurous: Ithaca Farmer’s Market

Photo courtesy of @whatwouldafoodiedo on Instagram

The Ithaca Farmer’s Market is everything. It has it all: amazing food, a gorgeous view, and cool townies. There is no shortage of things to try at the Farmer’s Market. You’ll never want to leave. Sadly, you’ll have to because the Farmer’s Market is open from 9:00 to 3:00 on Saturday from April 2nd to October 29th and from 10:00 to 2:00 on Saturdays from November 5th to December 17th, from 10:00 to 3:00 on Sundays from May 1st to October 30th and from 10:00 to 2:00 on Sundays from November 6th to November 27th, and from 5:00 to 8:00 on Thursdays from July 7th through September 29th.

What to order: The fresh cider and cider doughnuts are always a fan fave. You also can’t go wrong with gyros, pizza, crepes, or Cambodian. There is something for absolutely everyone.

Location: Steamboat Landing, 545 3rd St, Ithaca, NY (10 minute drive from RPCC)

9. When you’re craving guac: Agava

Photo courtesy of @agava_restaurant on Instagram

Agava is famous among Cornellians for their southwest-inspired cuisine, fantastic flatbreads, salsa dancing on Wednesday nights, Sunday brunch, and of course, for their spectacular guac.

What to order: Guacamole, obviously. And any flatbread. You can even build your own if you’re feeling really crazy.

Location: 381 Pine Tree Rd, Ithaca, NY (9 minute drive from RPCC)

10. When you’re trying to be romantic: Just A Taste

Photo courtesy of @emmalynjane on Instagram

Just a Taste is a quaint tapas place in the Commons. The lovely atmosphere and incredible food make it the ideal place to take that special someone. It may be just a touch more romantic than meeting up at a frat party.

What to order: Order everything. This is the benefit of tapas. You can try it all. That being said, I think the cheese plate is a must. And don’t let your sampling stop with food. For those of you over 21, Just a Taste offers wine flights, so you can use all your knowledge from HADM 4300: Intro to Wines.

Location: 116 N Aurora St, Ithaca, NY (1 minute walk from the Commons bus stop)

11. When you want delivery: Taste of Thai Express

Photo courtesy of @eatamacaaroni on Instagram

Taste of Thai Express is a very casual Thai restaurant perfect for a low-key night out with friends. The atmosphere, outdoor seating, and Thai classics definitely will not dissappoint. Plus, their delivery option also makes them perfect for a night in.

What to order: The fresh rolls are fantastic as an appetizer to share but also make for a great light dinner. As for the main course, you can absolutely never go wrong with classic pad thai.

Location: 209 S Meadow St, Ithaca, NY (10 minute drive from Goldwin Smith)

#Spoontip: Make sure you’re ordering from Taste of Thai Express. I’ve learned the hard way: Taste of Thai is a different restaurant and they does not deliver,.

12. When you have a sugar craving: Purity Ice Cream

Photo courtesy of @jessbethgreene on Instagram

It would not be Ithaca without Purity. They’re even known as “The Ice Cream of the Finger Lakes” and famous in the region for their very decadent desserts. Plus, they offer something for everyone: chocolate-lovers, vanilla-lovers, vegans, and even dogs.

What to order: Definitely try the brownie sundae. Even the description is mouth-watering: a homemade brownie topped with your favorite ice cream flavor, hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry. They also offer a pretty spectacular brunch if you’re looking to spice up your weekend mornings.

Location: 700 Cascadilla St, Ithaca, NY (9 minute drive from Goldwin Smith)

#Spoontip: The cherry on top? They also deliver, so if you’re feeling lazy definitely check them out on Ithaca To Go.

13. When you want breakfast at 2 pm: Waffle Frolic

Photo courtesy of @k1helen on Instagram

Waffle Frolic just might be the ultimate college town restaurant. They offer four different types of waffles with pretty much every topping you can dream of, an espresso bar, and some pretty great grilled cheese. It’s the ultimate restaurant for all kinds of people with a variety of sweet and savory and gluten-free and vegan options. There may be a line out the door when you arrive, but the waffles are well worth the wait.

What to order: The Mr. Popular is pretty aptly named. With fresh fruit, Nutella, whipped cream, and maple syrup it’s definitely a fan favorite.

Location: 146 E State St, Ithaca, NY (2 minute walk from the Commons bus stop)

14. If you’re craving sushi: Sumo

Photo courtesy of @tim0cahy on Instagram

Sumo is a Japanese restaurant and bar serving both sushi and hibachi. The sushi side of the menu is perfect for a great dinner with good friends and the hibachi is ideal for special occasions like birthdays.

What to order: The Dynamite Roll is pretty dy-no-mite, and with their huge menu, Sumo is bound to have your favorite roll.

Location: Cayuga Mall, 2309 N Triphammer Rd #15, Ithaca, NY (3 minute walk from the bus stop at the corner of Pyramid and Triphammer)

15. If you like sake, beer, and banging on tables: Miyake

Photo courtesy @mocharoll on Instagram

Miyake is Japanese restaurant in Collegetown, right near campus. It’s a popular destination for date nights and birthday parties because nothing makes you feel festive quite like sake bombs.

What to order: Sake BOMB BOMB BOMB! Miyake gives everyone their own beer and sake, so you never have to worry about your friends being greedy. If you’re feeling like a more low key night, try their Long Island Iced Sake. You ~hopefully~ won’t regret it.

Location: 416 Eddy St, Ithaca, NY (4 minute walk from the Collegetown bus stop)