It’s that time of year again, the time for us to migrate back to Binghamton. For many, this means leaving the comforts and wonders of home. It’s time to say goodbye to sleeping until noon, having your laundry washed for you, and home cooked meals made with love by Mom. For those living on campus, it means the unfortunate return to Sodexo, and for those living off campus, it means actually having to buy and make your own food. If that sounds scary, fear not. There are some awesome eats around Binghamton that will make your life a lot happier and easier.  

Spoon University at Binghamton has created a list with the best places to eat around Binghamton, so that all you have to do is show up and stuff your face. Whether you’re a senior who is looking to make the most of their last year in the 607, or a freshman who is just being introduced to everything Binghamton, this is your go-to list for restaurants in Binghamton that will satisfy your every craving:

1. When you’re cramming for exams and the library is full: The Shop



Photo by Jason Cruz

Bartle during finals week is chaotic, so why not go somewhere chic to study while grabbing a drink or bite to eat. The Shop is the perfect café, bar, and creperie for all your eating, drinking, and studying needs. Tucked away on Washington Street, The Shop has free Wifi, an espresso bar, salads, sweet and savory crepes, and an atmosphere that will put you in a zen perfect for studying.

What to Order: Our Spoon contributor Sadie, recommends the strawberry compote with bananas and honey cream, which looks amazing, especially paired with a latte. Studying has never been so fun!

Location: 219 Washington Street (10 minute drive from campus)

2. When you’re trying to be romantic: Remlik’s Grille and Oyster Bar


Photo by Marci Green

Remlik’s Grille and Oyster Bar provides it’s guests with an environment perfect for dining, relaxing, and socializing. Located in the Kilmer building in downtown Binghamton, Remlik’s is the perfect place for a date night with bae with beautiful high ceilings and a comfortable and elegant atmosphere.

What to Order: Remlik’s offers a diverse and unique menu that features meals from all around the country. They have surf, they have turf, they have salads, they have pasta, and they have my favorite, the Chicken Club Sandwich. Catch them during Restaurant Week for great deals and meals. 

Location: 31 Lewis Street (12 minute drive from campus)

3. When you’re craving a slice: Nirchi’s Pizza


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Nirchi’s Pizza specializes in the sheet pizza, which is apparently just “an Upstate thing.” Nirchi’s has almost any type of pizza imaginable. They’re great for when you’re having a get together or if you’re looking for a single slice. They’ve recently started delivering sheet pizzas to campus, which is a major bonus!

What to Order: There is no wrong choice when ordering from Nirchi’s; the pizza is amazing, and their salads are tasty as well. My favorite slice is the Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza, because who doesn’t love pizza with bacon on it?

Location: 3619 Vestal Parkway East (5 minute drive or 15 minute walk from campus) and 166 Water Street (8 minute drive from campus)

4. When your parents are visiting and paying the bill: Number 5


Photo courtesy of Brian Riley on

Number 5 is known by most college students as the fanciest place to eat in Binghamton. Some will even go to say that it is a little piece of NYC right here in Binghamton. The building itself is has amazing history as being an old firehouse that was built back in 1897. There’s live music that will entertain you while you dine and food that is the metaphorical cherry on top.

What to Order: Number 5 is known for their delicious steaks, and that’s exactly what I would recommend getting, especially when Mom and Dad are buying!

Location: 33 South Washington Street (5 minute drive from campus)

5. If you or your friends don’t eat meat: Whole in the Wall


Photo by Ki Chung

If you’re looking for a place with great gluten free and vegan options, that bakes fresh bread, and makes their own delicious pesto, then Whole in the Wall is the place for you. Everything at Whole in the Wall is made with fresh and natural ingredients, which is something that is sometimes rare to come by in today’s world. Finally, a place you can stuff your face and feel good about it!

What to Order: Go for the Steamed Vegetables, you can get it with or without meat!

Location: 43 South Washington Street (5 minute drive from campus)

6. When you’re doing it for the Insta: Lost Dog Café


Photo courtesy of BU Pipe Dream

Lost Dog is a popular place for Binghamton students to go, and if you haven’t been there yet, you need to put it on your to do list for this Friday night. Every meal is made with fresh ingredients and is plated to perfection, which makes for the best Insta picture for any foodie.

What to Order: Their Rigatoni Ala Vodka is always delicious, and will always satiate your pasta cravings – it’s also a beautiful masterpiece that is guaranteed to give you those super Insta likes!

Location: 222 Water Street (10 minute drive from campus)

7. When you’re craving greasy foods: Binghamton HOTS


Photo by Taylor Rosen

Their sign says it all, “Great food… fast.” Binghamton HOTS is the perfect location for all Binghamton students to get burgers, hot dogs, subs, sandwiches, homemade soups, and salads. It’s open until 3:30 am on the weekends for those nights you’re downtown and craving some fries.

What to Order: See what Spoon contributor Taylor recommends at HOTS here. I personally think that one can never go wrong ordering chicken tenders with french fries. This meal from HOTS will satisfy every greasy food craving. 

Location: 128 Washington Street (3 minute walk from State Street)

8. If you’re looking for fresh baked pastries and desserts: Chroma Café & Bakery



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Chroma Café & Bakery is a hidden treasure in downtown Binghamton. They serve breakfast, salads, sandwiches, soups, and everyone’s fave, fresh baked pastries and desserts. YUM! They even make custom ordered cakes and cupcakes, perfect for a birthday celebration.

What to Order: If you’re looking for something sweet and sticky, Chroma makes a mean Pecan Sticky Bun.

Location:  97 Court Street (8 minute drive from campus)

9. When you need to grab a quick lunch: Alexander’s Cafe & Sweet Endings


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While only open for two years, Alexander’s Cafe & Sweet Endings has become quite the staple in downtown Binghamton for having fresh, quick, and high quality food.

What to Order: If you’re feeling creative, Alexander’s has the option to create your own sandwich, but if you’re feeling some Binghamton Pride, the Bearcat Panini is perfect to take on the go. And you can’t forget the dessert, the cookies are to die for.

Location: 34 Chenango Street (8 minute walk from the University Downtown Center)

10. When you’re looking for someplace new: Garage Taco Bar


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The Garage Taco Bar is the newest edition to downtown Binghamton. What once was an old car shop garage has since been remodeled and revamped into a chic and chill place to eat tacos, drink beer, and socialize with friends.

What to Order: There isn’t just one thing I recommend ordering, because everything on the menu is absolutely delicious.

Location: 211 Washington Street (10 minute drive from campus)